Top Tips for Leveraging Live Video on Instagram

Top Tips for Leveraging Live Video on Instagram

With over 100 million Instagram users watching or sharing videos on Instagram Live each day, it’s a no-brainer that you should incorporate Live video into your brand’s digital strategy.

Every business is looking for ways to increase their customer base, and a great way to do this is by spending time in the same places that your customers do. In this day and age, that’s on social media. There are many different social media engagement strategies you can try, but as easy as Instagram Live is to use, it can be challenging to become a pro. The following Instagram Live tips were designed for readers by fishbat, a full-service digital marketing firm.

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Here are some of the top tips on leveraging Live Video on Instagram below:

  1. Grab Users’ Attention. TV commercials are created to grab your attention and keep it for at least 30 seconds. This attention-grabbing approach to Instagram Live is vital to attract and keep viewers watching. Instagram Live is an excellent tool for organic engagement since the platform bumps your brand’s content to the top position of the user’s feed. Additionally, users with notifications on will receive an alert when your brand’s Instagram account goes live. Now that you have a growing audience tuning in to watch, you need to act quickly to keep users from tapping away. 

  2. Highlight Brand Favorites. Before you begin the live video for your brand, plan what will be discussed during the video and rehearse, making sure to avoid awkward pauses and moments once the video begins. Discuss products that are bestsellers and have features that set your brand’s offerings apart from competitors.
    For example, leading obstacle course racing company, Spartan, led by Carola Jain, agrees that being selective about the content discussed during Instagram Live videos is essential in creating a sense of connection with viewers. Other ideas to leverage the power of Instagram Live include:
    – Product Demonstrations 
    – Customer Testimonials in Real-Time 
    – Showing “Day-in-the-Life” clips from employees 
    – Answering viewers questions
    When creating content, it’s a good idea to ask yourself if you would watch your brand’s Instagram Live videos as a consumer. If not, think about how and where you could improve to create videos that excite and build engagement.

  3. Promote. Whether you’re utilizing Instagram Live to unveil a new product or service, or just crafting a demonstration to create interest and show the playful side of your brand, as Carola Jain does with Spartan, let your followers know that you’ll be going live with a traditional Instagram post. You can use this technique to build hype or suspense about an upcoming product or service and encourage fans to share the post and tag their friends to watch with them. Regardless of the method you choose for your brand, promotion is vital for attracting an audience for your brand’s Instagram Live videos.

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With these tips in mind, your brand will be on the path to engagement and conversions as soon as you can say, “3… 2… 1…” While the purpose of producing an Instagram Live video is to promote your brand and leverage the organic traffic that it brings, always remember to be yourself! Creating a persona or appearing rigid and boring can leave viewers looking for something else to watch.