The Ultimate Guide to Email Gamification

The Ultimate Guide to Email Gamification

According to Stripo, gamification in emails helps brands better engage with subscribers, which may result in a 300 per cent increase in ROI.

The company reiterates that gamification is not meant for eCommerce only, SaaS businesses and B2B companies will also benefit greatly from gamification.

Dmitry Kudrenko is the CEO and Co-Founder of Stripo announced the release of an ebook that shares the tricks of the trade. In the ebook, the company shares results of their own email marketing experiments and deep dives into mechanisms that have hit success.

Key learnings from Stripo’s guide to gamification in email marketing;

Set rules

A goal of the game should be wrapped in rules. Rules show users how they are supposed to achieve the goal. By eliminating the easiest ways of reaching the goal, you make users explore previously unseen ways and make them use all their creativity. Put simply, you need to give them some challenge, but not too much of it.

Introduce characters

A character that goes across your campaigns makes games more consistent. Let users feed them, rescue them, etc. It can be connected to either connected to your brand, or not.

Build community

Let users know how they are doing compared to other recipients. Something like, you did better than 80 per cent of all recipients. You can do it in the email right away. You can also share the score in your next email (be sure to mention in your gamified email that you will share the results soon). Works best in a series of gamification emails.

Voluntary participation

We do hope users will play the games, as we are aware of the fact that most people love doing it. But some users might be too busy, or too tired, so they might want to skip the game and proceed to the site or go shopping right away.


Let users discover what will happen if they choose another option. Like what happens to your hero if he/she turns left, or right. What happens if users don’t find all the eggs they are supposed to in your email.

Why aren’t more brands using gamification in their email marketing?

Stripo identifies 5 barriers to use:

  1. It requires coding skills.
  2. It is time-consuming.
  3. High development costs, as a result.
  4. Lack of creative ideas.
  5. Difficulty in measuring its effectiveness.

The last one is a delusion, according to the experts. The ESPs that send AMP emails are capable of measuring their effectiveness. If they are not, you can always add a tracking pixel to see how many people open your AMP emails. Currently, you are not able to see how many times users swipe images in carousels. But you can see the number of users’ responses and their email addresses via forms in Data Services, and also you can see how many times data has been pulled into emails through Data Source.

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