Best CRM Software for Every Business 

Top List Best CRM Software

CRM has transformed how businesses communicate and build relationships with their customers, leading to customer loyalty and customer retention. However, there are numerous solutions in the market.  Keep reading to know which CRM software can work well for you. 

Strategies for marketing and selling have changed, so have the implementation of new technologies in marketing. Adopting CRM, sales automation, marketing automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed marketing. 


One of the leading CRM software companies, Salesforce offers applications to enterprises, and SMBs, with a dedicated approach to after-sales support. This CRM includes customer support, partner relationship management, marketing automation, and sales management. Salesforce facilitates businesses in identifying leads, analyse and carry out marketing campaigns, managing customer accounts, and much more.

Salesforce CRM allows its customers to sync all tasks, contacts, emails, and calendars in its applications. It assists SMBs in evaluating performance, tracking sales deals, managing contacts, nurturing leads, and managing tasks and events. The enterprise edition of Salesforce CRM includes business workflow, API integrations, call scripts, custom applications, team-selling functionality, and set-up approval and automation. There are other ideal features of Salesforce, such as opportunity and pipeline management, desktop integration and email marketing, customer contract and order management and product and price list management that help businesses.

HubSpot CRM

Another top CRM software company. SMBs can use HubSpot CRM to aid their business transactions by increasing total sales while eliminating excess work. Authorised users can access the CRM anywhere, at any time, as it can also be installed on portable devices. One of the significant benefits of this CRM is its sales automation feature, which allows users to focus on other aspects of their business while the sales transaction takes place. Track and log emails, email templates and documents tool are some of the other useful features of Hubspot CRM.


Irrespective of its size, any business needs assistance in regularising its workflows and continue a sales upswing. Pipedrive is a brilliant CRM for SMBs and start-ups. It offers practical tools to channelise the sales process while simultaneously working to increase business growth. Businesses can select their service pack as per their requirements, as this CRM is customisable and available in multiple ‘packs’ that suit the business owners’ needs.

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Insightly has created a strong presence in the list of CRM software providers. Insightly offers excellent integrations; it helps marketing representatives and sales teams remain agile during workflows. It works great by automating sales and marketing tasks that help sales and marketing teams to focus more on core sales and marketing activities.


Zoho CRM offers a cloud-based CRM system that is immensely customisable as per the requirements of SMBs. Its graphical user interface comes with tools like marketing and sales automation, help desk and customer service, customer analytics, product configuration and reporting. It provides businesses with multi-channel support, enabling organisations to keep in touch with their clients through social media platforms, email, live chat, and phone. The gamification feature of this CRM allows organisations to gamify their sales process and award employees who accomplish their sales targets. The mobile version gives access to sales tasks and customer information on portable devices. Zoho CRM also helps in lead generation and management, marketing and sales automation,  analytics and reporting.

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks offers a cloud-based CRM  that facilitates organisations to handle their communication with potential and existing consumers. 

The main feature of Freshworks CRM includes sales lead tracking, sales management, event tracking, etc. It works by sending personalised emails from the systems and keeps a record of activities on these emails. The inbox automatically tracks emails from leads and contacts that are waiting for an answer. 

Freshsales CRM also keeps a record of web pages that leads interact with and then classifies them as potential leads based on their behaviour. It provides a 360-degree customer view, including full details of existing consumers and sales qualified leads, activities, appointments and other interactions. , 

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM takes expenses and complexity out of CRM software. It simplifies the implementation process and is an accessible tool for small businesses to manage user’s requirements from a CRM and sales standpoint. It is simple to implement, so whether a user has any experience using CRM solutions or not, they can use it.  


Keap provides a broad range of features to help small businesses better organise contact data to deliver excellent service. Keap’s platform takes care of consumer information, organises the data, and the sales teams’ routine work in one place, through its marketing tools. It gives more time for the businesses to work through their sales effectively and eliminates redundancy. Keap released a native integration to Zapier in January 2021. Keap’s plans include the Zapier integration library of over 2,000 applications, which includes Shopify and Facebook. It can be accessed by going to the Integrations page in the Keap app. To access the integrated apps, no additional download or installation is required.

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One of the fastest-growing brands and top CRM software companies is. It is a perfect choice for SMBs and start-ups. This CRM software is designed to handle sales automation, activity updates, email marketing, daily timesheet, invoicing, task management, support systems, sales forecast and much more.

It helps build relationships, maximise engagement, and drive business growth. It provides a unique marketing and sales platform to assist businesses to grow. SalezShark CRM also provides a 360-degree view of consumers and helps plan intelligent sales campaigns.

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is rated among the top CRM software companies. It is budget-friendly and is based online for seamless and more straightforward usage and implementation. It can streamline contacts and flawless interaction, both externally and internally.