How Are Marketers in the UAE Leveraging First Party Data to Drive Retention and Loyalty Among Customers?

72% of marketers in the UAE are afraid of breaking privacy guidelines, and 65% are leveraging first party data to improve customer targeting by understanding behaviour and preferences.

Reading Time: 7 mins 


  • Global attention towards a privacy-first approach in dealing with customer data is reshaping how organisations view data and analytics to drive customer relationships.

    The report aims to answer the following big questions:

    1. How has the death of the third party cookie impacted marketing and advertising functions?
    2. How are marketers complying with evolving privacy laws?
    3. What are the biggest challenges facing marketers in leveraging first party data?
    4. What are the most successful strategies for customer retention with first party data?
    5. How are marketers utilising first party data insights to increase customer loyalty?

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