Martechvibe Releases Report on Reimagining Customer Retention with First Party Data


About 72% of marketers in the UAE are afraid of breaking privacy guidelines, and 65% are leveraging first party data to improve customer targeting by understanding behaviour and preferences

Global attention towards a privacy-first approach in dealing with customer data is reshaping how organisations view data and analytics to drive customer relationships. 

Martechvibe proudly presents the Customer Retention Reimagined with First Party Data, UAE report. In this report, Martechvibe, in partnership with Epsilon, explores marketers’ changing attitudes and approaches towards first party data in the UAE. It delves into the challenges and solutions to getting the most valuable insights and how leaders are re-aligning processes to offer customers added privacy. 

This is an editorially-driven initiative by Martechvibe, a global media platform that closely examines the Martech world for meaningful stories and analysis. 

Based on a survey with 100+ marketing specialists working across retention, digital channels, loyalty, etc., and interviews with marketing leaders across the UAE from retail, financial, hospitality and healthcare industries, the report aims to provide insights into how marketers in the region are leveraging first party data in response to the changing privacy landscape. 

Vibe Martech Fest, Jakarta

The report aims to answer the following big questions:

  • How has the death of the third party cookie impacted marketing and advertising functions? 
  • How are marketers complying with evolving privacy laws?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing marketers in leveraging first party data? 
  • What are the most successful strategies for customer retention with first party data?
  • How are marketers utilising first party data insights to increase customer loyalty? 

Key findings of the study include: 

  • 78% of marketers are concerned about breaching customer trust when collecting user data 
  • 64% believe that the demise of the third party cookie will significantly impact the ability to target the right audiences 
  • 98% believe first party data presents opportunities for new business
  • 65% of marketers are using customer behaviour and purchase history for retargeting campaigns 

Marketing leaders across the region believe that the advertising industry is at an inflection point with the withdrawal of the third party cookie. As marketers pace their way through adapting to privacy-compliant data collection, they note the biggest challenges and the winning approaches for increased ROI. 

Read the report to get an understanding of the data maturity in the UAE, how technology plays a role in integrating intelligence towards campaign efforts and approaches towards future trends. 

Click here to download the report.