True Influence Partners With The Trade Desk For Enhanced Digital Advertising


True Influence, data-driven sales and marketing solutions provider, announced that it has partnered with The Trade Desk, a global advertising technology company, as a primary media buying platform for True Influence’s programmatic campaigns.

“We know that targeting the right customer at the right time is crucial to success, so we develop our products to help make that process easier,” said RK Maniyani, Chief Technology Officer of True Influence. “Working with The Trade Desk made sense because their targeting and optimisation capabilities enable us to give our customers the best opportunities to precisely target their potential buyers with programmatic ads across high quality inventory.”

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Under the new partnership, The Trade Desk will be the main media buying platform for the fulfillment of programmatic campaigns purchased through True Influence’s DisplayBase integrated B2B media management product. DisplayBase combines True Influence’s B2B marketing expertise and dedication to customer value with advanced targeting, retargeting and optimisation technologies, all within the framework of the integrated True Influence Marketing Cloud platform.

The Trade Desk platform includes access to a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and Data Management Platform (DMP) that enables True Influence to better utilise intent data and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) data to run programmatic campaigns. Additionally, it supports improved reporting and targeting capabilities for DisplayBase orders and helps improve turnaround times for DisplayBase campaign set up and reporting availability.

DisplayBase is an integrated campaign management solution for optimising display programs in real-time. It provides access to premium advertising inventory with a global reach, and advanced audience management and targeting features to ensure that the marketing spend has the maximum impact throughout the purchase journey. True Influence also has a team of experienced professionals to help design every plan and optimise campaigns for peak performance.