These Are The Top Customer Feedback Tools

Customer feedback has always been the top priority, even in the early days firms utilised post asking the consumers for their opinions. About 90 per cent of customers are influenced by positive reviews when buying a product. This means customers form a positive perception of brands that are proactive in collecting feedback. It reassures them […]


  • Customer feedback has always been the top priority, even in the early days firms utilised post asking the consumers for their opinions.

    About 90 per cent of customers are influenced by positive reviews when buying a product. This means customers form a positive perception of brands that are proactive in collecting feedback. It reassures them that the feedback will be acted upon and they will receive better quality service.

    You need to get customer feedback, you need to find out what customers like and dislike about your products and services, so you can continue to innovate and please your consumer.

    Here’s the list of customer feedbacks software/tools


    AskNicely primarily processes and measures Net Promoter Score (NPS), the industry standard for predicting and growing loyalty. The essential point is that AskNicely is capable of doing so with just one inquiry.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, consumers are asked how likely they are to suggest your business in an NPS survey. Customers’ loyalty would be measured by this question. It is set up in such a manner that it alerts you before your clients leave and go to the competition.

    This includes a user-friendly analytics dashboard with real-time data and a single efficient and easy user interface.


    CustomerSure is a customer follow-up and feedback solution aimed at bringing businesses closer to their target audiences. The software enables businesses to automatically gather and respond to input from each of their customers.

    CustomerSure would help the business expand by ensuring that the core customer experience is given each time, thanks to actionable, real-time feedback. The software focuses not just on customer satisfaction measurement but also on assuring top-notch customer service is given every time, evaluating satisfaction and making it simple for you to enhance it.

    It is laced with features like streaming central feedback, no fuss-task management, and has features like helpdesk and reviews.


    Corus is the simplest method for organisations to use consumer data to guide their choices. A platform built for your team to work together and connect you to 80 million individuals in 135 countries. It’s the quickest approach to do quantitative market research.

    Corus streamlines consumer research with intuitive tools at every step. It designs custom studies with your team, gathers primary data from a global panel of 130 million people, identifies key findings with AI-guided analysis and publishes findings in multimedia to connect with your audience.


    DataEQ, previously BrandsEye, specialises in providing high-quality, actionable data. It offers a variety of customised solutions ranging from customer service and experience to market conduct and risk management, using a combination of AI and human expertise.

    DataEQ filters unstructured feedback from consumers for conversations that are high risk, high value, or urgent using a unique combination of AI and human intelligence. Their innovative prioritisation system allows for real-time risk avoidance, higher retention and acquisition rates, and a better client experience. It serves clients in a variety of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, and retail, spanning Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


    Feedify aids in gaining a deeper understanding of your clients. It provides a simple dashboard from which automated client engagement technologies may be handled. Feedify allows you to build alerts, pop-ups, polls, and feedback tools (both before and after-sales) that can be narrowed down by geolocation, browser, device, nation, and time zone, among other things.


    GetSatisfaction is a community platform that enables businesses of all kinds to build engaging customer experiences to save support costs, gain more customers, and drive product innovation.

    Companies may use this customer feedback system software to construct and integrate solutions for collecting consumer feedback and creating communities.

    GetSatisfaction is simple to set up and operate without frills.


    Podium is a cloud-based customer feedback programme that consolidates evaluations from several sources into a single dashboard. The technology monitors and collects internet reviews in a unique way.

    Podium enables businesses to be proactive in requesting internet evaluations, which may lead to increased revenue. Small companies may also control their reputation from one location thanks to the aggregate dashboard. The technology is effective in aggregating all evaluations, feedback, and conversations into a single location.


    PiHappiness allows you to have everything at your fingertips at all times. On your parent smartphone, you can keep track of your surveys and receive notifications. Your reports and dashboards are accessible anytime, and the customer feedback programme enables you to fully study the data. Ascertain that you have easier access to survey summary information using software that provides you with the customer survey experience, including analytics, real-time data flow, and survey summary. The app supports various languages, including Arabic, English, French, Irish and Hebrew.


    Net Promoter Score survey software from SightMill helps you listen to your consumers and enhance their experience with your products and services. All of your customer feedback, including email surveys, online surveys, and event feedback, can be managed in one spot. SightMill can help to increase customer satisfaction, enhance service, and improve your goods. It makes it simple to send customer feedback surveys through email, on your website, or at events, and to act on feedback with tools that route comments to the appropriate team in real time.


    SatisFactor assists you in increasing customer satisfaction. It allows your consumers to review your business and remark on improvement possibilities in real-time, providing you with real-time feedback and a set of analytics and tools to help you enhance your customer’s connection and experience. Some of their clients include Senegocia, Banco Internacional, TurisTour and many more with a positive review on their website.


    No matter how much work you put in, the most important question is: have you asked your consumers what they want? Have you ever wondered why people come to your business to purchase or don’t? Did you ever inquire as to why they did so? Did you ask them enough if you did?

    There’s a thin line between following up with consumers while they’re still fresh and spamming them. These advanced consumer feedback surveys and tools can assist in transforming product development and service delivery.

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