Text Request Launches 7 New CRM Texting Integrations


Text Request, a business texting platform, announced new integrations with six customer relationship management (CRM) platforms — HubSpot, Mindbody, FranConnect, Pipedrive, SugarCRM, and Clio — as well as with email marketing service Constant Contact. These updates to the SaaS tool were built to meet growing customer demand for seamless communication between the texting platform and popular CRM and marketing tools.

“As our customers experience high success rates with Text Request, they want to make it an integral part of their overarching customer experience plans,” said Brian Elrod, CEO of Text Request. “Text Request has been helping businesses survive and thrive through the pandemic, and these integrations make our platform even more powerful.”

Integration Specifics

The new integrations with HubSpot (a sales and marketing CRM platform), Pipedrive (a sales-focused CRM), and FranConnect (a CRM system for franchises) will enable Text Request customers who use these systems to view texting history — both inbound and outbound —  directly from a customer or prospect’s listing inside their existing CRM. They will also be able to text directly from their CRM accounts using Text Request’s Chrome browser extension.

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Details for the remaining four integrations are provided below.

Mindbody is a CRM tool for gyms and other member-based businesses. With the Text Request integration, Mindbody customers can automatically send class reminders to individuals via text message. Fitness centres with multiple locations will enjoy the ability to manage each location separately and differentiate between locations.

SugarCRM users will gain text history synchronisation, as well as enjoy a new Text Request “dashlett” that will make monitoring text history even more convenient.

Constant Contact users will be able to import all data for contacts with phone numbers into Text Request daily. This means that if a new user signs up for a Constant Contact user’s email list, he or she will be automatically imported into Text Request for future text campaigns. Groups in Constant Contact will be mirrored in Text Request.

Clio is a CRM for legal practices. Through the new integration, Clio users will be able to send billing notifications, along with PDFs of invoices, send appointment/court date reminders, and view text message history between user and client from their Clio dashboard.