Qualtrics New Solutions Helps Enterprises Plan Customer Experiences And Reward Loyal Customers


Experience Management (XM) provider and creator of the XM category Qualtrics,  announced the launch of new solutions to help B2B and B2C firms accelerate innovation across their digital channels. Expanding upon the catalogue of digital solutions already released this year, these out-of-the-box solutions enable digital teams to quickly and effectively design and optimise the web and in-app experiences they deliver. These solutions enable companies to combine experience data–direct consumer feedback about their online interactions–and digital analytics, such as page views, to help them increase conversion, attract new and loyal customers, and drive growth through their digital channels.

In a recent study by the Qualtrics XM Institute, more than 75 per cent of 17,000+ global consumers started new digital activities over the past year, such as ordering groceries, taking online courses, or receiving medical advice – and they are not going back. As the pandemic accelerated digital transformation efforts by several years, the challenge organisations now face is understanding the hearts and minds of their customers to deliver digital experiences that keep them happy and engaged. In fact, customers who rate “emotion” highly as part of their overall experience are at least 35 per cent more likely to make repeat purchases, and recommend and trust the brand.

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“As the volume of digital transactions increases, the competition for loyal consumers has never been higher,” said Jay Choi, Chief Product Officer at Qualtrics. “Organisations need to design both memorable, personalised experiences that consumers want, based on a 360-degree view of their feedback and behaviours in order to build lasting customer and brand loyalty.”

Qualtrics delivers the following new solutions to help  enterprises understand consumer needs and preferences across their digital platforms, and enable them to quickly act on that experience data to increase conversion rates and grow their businesses:

Web UX Optimisation and In-App Experience Optimisation help companies design seamless web, mobile, and in-app experiences that help customers quickly and efficiently accomplish their goals, such as subscribing or finding a support page, in order to drive consistent usage, adoption, and revenue. These solutions automatically identify the web and app design or UX elements that are underperforming or causing visitors frustration, such as site layout and browsing capabilities, and enable companies to trigger intelligent workflows that are automatically routed to the right teams to resolve. These solutions also have built-in benchmarks so companies can compare their own performance on digital KPIs, such as CSAT or likelihood to return, to their industry peers.

E-Commerce Experience Optimisation helps companies increase online revenue by optimising the discovery and purchasing process for customers. The solution uses customer feedback and behavioural signals to quickly identify visitors’ pain points in their purchasing journey, such as shipping costs or forced account creation, that contribute to lower conversion rates. It also enables e-commerce teams to embed feedback tools across their site to measure the effectiveness of their content, such as product descriptions or return and exchange policies, to better help visitors achieve their goals without needing to contact customer service.

Digital Journey Optimisation enables companies to personalise interactions along the customer journey, such as new account sign-ups or checkout, to increase conversion rates. This solution leverages the Qualtrics XM Directory, the largest experience data database with over 4 billion unique profiles, to surface insights based on feedback from any customer segment, such as high-value or possible churn customers. These profiles contain individual preferences that enable companies to set up web and in-app feedback mechanisms tailored to these segments across multiple touchpoints, delivered in the way their customers expect. As a result, companies more deeply understand each customer’s unique behaviour and can quickly take action. 

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Qualtrics integrates with a number of leading digital platforms, including Contentsquare, FullStory, Quantum Metric, and more, to help companies improve their web and mobile experiences through the user’s perspective. These integrations enable companies to replay a visitor’s web or mobile session, such as making a purchase, to pinpoint why visitors failed to convert at certain touchpoints. Combined with customer feedback from Qualtrics and behavioural signals, such as rage clicking, companies can immediately understand why visitors churned, quantify the impact that the churn has on their digital revenue, and take action immediately to improve the experience within their existing CRM systems.

“As we enhance our digital footprint, our priority is customer obsession,” said Kevin T. McAuliffe, VP of Digital Transformation and Delivery at Travel + Leisure Co., a joint customer of Qualtrics and FullStory. “We need to understand how our customers use what we are building and how they actually consume a digital experience. Digital analytics allow us to understand perception and behaviour together so we have our eyes wide open about the customer journey and can make the best decisions about where to spend effort and capital.”