Mashreq Selects Sprinklr to Drive Unified CX


Sprinklr announced that Mashreq – a leading financial institution in the United Arab Emirates – is using Sprinklr Modern Care, Modern Sales & Engagement, and Modern Research to advance its customer-centric and client-focused strategies. Mashreq joins other leading financial institutions worldwide that are using Sprinklr as a core element of their digital customer experience management strategy. 

Founded in 1967 in Dubai, Mashreq Bank has emerged as one of the leading financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with a strong presence through its international offices spanning Europe, Asia, Africa and the US as well as financial capitals of the world. 

Because banking is one of the most highly regulated industries, Mashreq requires a technology platform with a strong focus on governance and compliance. Additionally, Mashreq was looking for a single platform that could provide B2B and B2C customer experience management support, competitive information, efficient customer service capabilities, and automated listening and publishing. 

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Mashreq turned to Sprinklr to exceed its needs with the following products: 

  • Sprinklr Modern Care: Mashreq will gain a 360-degree view of the customer across digital channels, gaining insights used to improve the customer experience. Mashreq will also provide 1-1 customer service while reducing costs and streamlining processes across banks in multiple locations. 
  • Sprinklr Modern Sales & Engagement: Mashreq will use Sprinklr’s AI capabilities within Modern Sales & Engagement to optimise publishing, engagement, reporting, and asset management across digital channels on one Sprinklr platform. The company can now ensure content is reaching the right audience and driving results. 
  • Sprinklr Modern Research: With Sprinklr Modern Research, Mashreq will be able to glean invaluable insights about its customers and the industry at large. It will also be able to benchmark against competitors to continue to stay at the forefront of the banking industry in the region.

“At Mashreq, we are completely focused on customer-centricity across the organisation, a strategy that we are going to fully drive through our digital transformation,” said Rania Nerhal, Senior Executive Vice President, Client Experience & Conduct Officer, Mashreq.

“We’re proud to support Mashreq’s digital transformation strategy, providing each of its branches with a single platform to collaborate internally and add value to customers,” said Kris Wood, Senior Vice President of EMEA, Sprinklr. “We’re looking forward to maintaining Mashreq’s reputation as an innovative bank by bringing its customer experience strategy to new heights.”