Martech Learning: Courses for the C-suite

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Today, companies most value executive skills, and C-suite needs to actively work to improve their skills as the business landscape gets more complex. 

Martechvibe Learning presents a researched and curated list of the most relevant courses for your ideal executive education programmes.

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University: Kellogg School of Management 

Professor: Mohanbir Sawhney 

Participants gain a comprehensive perspective on how AI is being applied in practice. Build a robust playbook that helps you frame AI initiatives, identify the most impactful business problems, map your AI Journey, and drive responsible outcomes.

Course Highlights:

  • Enterprise-wide opportunities for AI initiatives and surface initiatives with the likely business impact
  • A seven-step approach to frame and communicate critical aspects of an AI initiative
  • Learn and apply the AI Capability Maturity Model to develop enterprise AI capabilities in a phased and systematic manner
  • Understand the principles of Responsible AI and how to govern AI projects to drive responsible and ethical outcomes

Skills you will gain:

  • Understand the business applications and outcomes that can be achieved with AI.
  • Represent the voice of the business as well as the customer to data scientists and engineers.
  • Craft your AI journey, from strategy and capabilities to execution and organisation.
  • Navigate the black box and ethical considerations of Artificial Intelligence to drive responsible AI initiatives.
  • Join a community of like-minded professionals who are successfully deploying AI in their organisations.

Course Duration: 2 months

Fee: The cost is $2,600 for the entire course, including all Industry examples. 

Consisting of eight modules, participants must complete all of the eight modules to qualify for the Kellogg Executive Education verified digital certificate of completion. This program is graded as a pass or fail; participants must receive 80 per cent to pass and obtain the certificate of completion.

The course works best for:

  • C-Level Executives who seek to drive innovative AI initiatives for their organisations by learning more about AI trends, AI use cases, industry applications of AI, and AI strategy and best practices.
  • Senior Sales & marketing managers are charged with driving marketing outcomes and advancing the organisation’s transformation initiatives using data, analytics, and AI. It’s for managers with 11-plus years of experience who are focused on how AI can impact the customer journey and AI’s broader commercial applications. 
  • Senior Technology Managers with 10-plus years of experience in IT products and services, healthcare technology, or banking and financial services looking for a strategic perspective on AI to innovate operational processes and learn how AI can transform the business side of their enterprise.
  • Senior Management Consultants & IT Consultants who advise clients on digital transformation, business excellence, and operational transformation seeking to stay current with the AI revolution to make more innovative recommendations. 

The Business of AI 

University:  London Business School 

This program will help you build the capabilities to make smart decisions about AI and create real value for your business.

Throughout the three phases of this programme, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the characteristics of the technology,  gain clarity regarding your business challenge and your data source, so you can select the appropriate AI technologies to connect the two.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn to communicate effectively with business stakeholders with a solid understanding of the advantages and limitations of AI and ML in business settings
  • Increase your professional value and become an in-demand leader with the rare ability to connect this powerful technology to business value and results
  • Explore real-life examples of how the global nature of the economy has allowed AI to connect businesses around the world and deliver value across diverse applications
  • Determine how you can leverage AI and ML to create value for your business.
  • Develop your AI expertise through the process of creating, refining and presenting your AI implementation plan.

With this course, you get live interactive sessions with faculty and learning managers. In addition, the online format includes recorded video lectures, moderated discussions with learning managers, and other engaging digital content.

Course Duration: 10 weeks.

Fee:  $1,950 for the entire course, including all case studies, takeaways, and key exercises and guest lectures from industry experts such as Michael Davies, Nicos Savva and Keyvan Vakili. You can also break down the fee into 2 and 3 instalments. 

The program starts on September 15, 2021.

The course works best for:

  • C-suite executives and senior leaders looking to stay updated on current technology trends, understand the different applications of AI and how to implement it in their business to reduce costs and improve outcomes
  • Mid-to senior-level functional managers seeking to learn how AI can help improve performance within their functional area and have meaningful conversations with technology experts on outcome expectations
  • Product and technology managers who want to create and release an AI-based product hire and train a team for AI product development and understand the business implications of using AI to propose new projects to senior management.

Participants will receive an Executive Education certificate from London Business School following the 30-day AI implementation plan.

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Data Science for Business 

University: Harvard Business School Online

Professor: Yael Grushka-Cockayne

This course is designed for managers. It provides a hands-on approach to the data science ecosystem and makes you a more conscientious consumer of information.

The program covers how to think beyond the spreadsheet and effectively use data to tackle business decisions. You’ll understand how to create a data-driven framework and speak the data science language across themes such as forecasting, linear regressions, and machine learning to lead your team to long-term success better and much more.

Course Highlights:

Move beyond the spreadsheet with a foundational understanding of data science tools, processes, and models, to understand the importance of data science and its relation to business decisions and organisational success.

  • Leverage data science to hone your decision-making skills and learn how to identify and avoid common mistakes while interpreting datasets, metrics, and visualisations.
  • Create a data-driven framework for your organisation and yourself; develop hypotheses and insights; identify data and missing components, and speak a common language with your data teams to lead to actionable recommendations.
  • Understand key techniques such as data curation, regression models, prediction and analyses, and visualisation, and learn how to read basic code, such as R, to comprehend the syntax that informs data requests.
  • Assess applicable methodologies in statistics, data analytics, and data science by hearing from real-world examples across industries, topics, and business challenges

Course Duration: 4 weeks.

Fee: $1,600 for the entire course, including all case studies, takeaways, and key exercises. 

Application deadline:  25 October for November 2021 batch and 3 January for January 2022 batch. 

The course works best for:

Managers and Rising Leaders: Dig into your organisation’s datasets to create compelling business plans that increase revenue while mitigating risk.

Product Managers: Develop market-driven products by using data to identify and predict the market size, competition, and buyer trends.

Data Science for Business Decision Making

University: Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

Professor: DR. Panagiotis Sarantopoulos

This program on Data Science gives you a competitive edge, and this program will help you understand and solve your most important business challenges. This programme is presented as a practical set of modules designed to provide business leaders with the foundational data science skills to solve real-world business challenges.

Course Highlights:

  • Identify, research and discuss ways that data science methods can be used in business to improve decisions and processes
  • Become familiar with essential programming tools for sophisticated data analysis and visualisation to improve understanding and communication
  • Gain skills in the use of data science tools to make numeric predictions and perform classifications
  • Use data science tools to extract meaning from text data sources to understand social media feedback and discussion better.

Throughout the programme, you will consider how notable brands and global organisations have applied sophisticated data science methods to create business solutions and communicate their analyses effectively to their stakeholders.

Course Duration: 7 weeks.

Fee: $1,573 for the entire course. 

The program starts on September 30, 2021. 

The course works best for: 

This programme is designed for mid-career functional managers, consultants, and analysts. Although the topics covered could be applied to a range of businesses, the programme will benefit industries with a massive data stream, such as retail, healthcare, IT, marketing and finance. 

Upon completing the programme, participants will receive a verified digital certificate of participation from Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester.

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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

University: University of Virginia

Professor: Rajkumar Venkatesan

This course provides marketers with the knowledge of how to enhance marketing with AI.

In this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, you will examine three key forces that enable AI in marketing strategies — algorithms, networks, and data — and gain a deeper understanding of how businesses in a wide variety of industries can get the most out of this exciting technology. 

In addition, this course gives you real-world examples of how successful companies like Ford, Netflix, and the Washington Post are using AI to take on the competition in new and creative ways and hear from experts about how AI is shaping the present and the future. 

Course Highlights:

  • How to use data-driven AI to improve customer engagement
  • How to develop networked business models and leverage network effects
  • How to build a sustainable competitive advantage from data gathered on digital platforms
  • How to use algorithms, networks, and data to create AI Relationship Moments that are personalised to individual customers

Course Duration: 11 hours 

Fee: Free

You’ll earn a certificate upon completion of the course.

It’s an online course consisting of 11 videos and 3 practice exercises. 

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