Spotlight: The One With The Bring It On! Attitude

Future MarTech Leader throws the spotlight on Kimberly Gamarro from Exertis Telecom.

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  • What opens doors to new audiences and new learning, fuels creativity, and optimises resource utilisation? The will to collaborate! It encourages diverse perspectives and skill sets, which can lead to more innovative and effective marketing campaigns. In today’s interconnected world, marketers who embrace collaboration are better poised to succeed and thrive in the competitive landscape.

    As the nominations pour in for the “Do You Know A Future Martech Leader?” initiative, here is a preview of our next shortlisted candidate. She is someone who believes it is crucial to hone collaborative skills and is also not afraid to say “yes!” to gruelling tasks: Kimberly Gamarro from Exertis Telecom.


    About Exertis Telecom

    It is an international distributor of consumer, business and enterprise products from pioneering technology brands, playing an integral role in supplying the world with cutting-edge technology. Exertis services customers in over 21 countries. Their Middle East division, with head offices in Dubai, specialises in the distribution of consumer technology and, more recently, enterprise products.

    Gamarro’s Contribution

    In her role as a Marketing Manager, Gamarro’s responsibilities involve leading successful brand launches into the market. She provides comprehensive support to both vendors and customers through various omnichannel initiatives, including tasks such as optimising retail positioning and displays, creating content, and, most notably, managing an extensive array of offline and digital campaigns.

    Her personal everyday goals

    • Say yes to tedious work
    • Catch a business news podcast
    • Keeping in touch with peers
    • Look out for tech-related events
    • Be curious, ask questions

    Chosen Tech Support

    Gamarro uses several tech tools – these include project management tools to keep teams on track, AI-powered email marketing and social media schedulers, multiple graphics software, and OpenAI’s GPT-4, among others.

    “I think, now more than ever, it is crucial that marketers work collaboratively in cross-functional teams/environments to embrace the technological tools available to us. Increased competition and demand from customers for more seamless and personalised services will prove challenging for marketing teams that don’t,” said Gamarro.

    To thrive in this environment, staying ahead of the curve with dynamic knowledge and technology development is the key to being the next martech leader. And Martechvibe is committed to unveil narratives of brilliance. Have you entered your nomination yet? 


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