CX NXT Summit – Setting the Benchmark for Customer Experience in South Africa

The CX NXT Summit will take place in Cape Town, South Africa on 17 & 18 April 2024. The focus of the summit is to help businesses build a customer-centric culture, use CX to beat the competition, and change the world order of leading brands.

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  • The South African consumers’ expectations of what constitutes quality customer experience (CX) are disturbingly low, according to the 2023 South African Customer Experience Report. 

    CX NXT – the Customer Experience summit, aims to change that. 

    As business leaders look to build a customer-centric culture – technology tools hold the potential to chaperone product teams and business decisions towards designing more empathetic offerings. 

    The exponential growth of digital channels adds more intimacy to the brand-customer conversation but also more complexity. This is both a challenge and an opportunity – and the role of customer service has been elevated to a revenue generator rather than what was earlier seen as a cost centre.

    While business leaders globally are talking about CX as the key differentiator in business, few are able to overcome the challenges with implementation. Where is the gap? 

    Technologies that contribute to the customer engagement stack can solve the challenge of scale and speed. With the help of data and analytics, customer experience can be a measurable function connecting satisfaction to its impact on the bottomline.  

    CX NXT – the customer experience summit, South Africa, will tackle these challenges and opportunities from a people, process and technology perspective. Customer experience leaders will get the insights and experience to prepare their roadmap for CX success in 2024 and beyond. 

    The spotlight is on South Africa as the business landscape is at a pivotal moment. “This transition is spurred by a positive shift in enterprise embracing digital transformations, the boom of ecommerce, consumer adoption of digital payment methods, and the growing expectation of convenience with security.  Innovation is the winning formula in the face of uncertainties,” said Sanjay Swamy, Director at Martechvibe. 

    Top conversations that the CX NXT Summit will showcase:

    • Predictive Analytics – Making Moves to Be Where Your Customer is Next 
    • Turn Up the Volume on VoC Initiatives 
    • A Prescription for  “Leaky Bucket” Syndrome
    • Talking to the CX Stack – Aligning People and Processes for Max Success 
    • Reimagining contact centres as value centres 

    For registration and more details, visit CX NXT South Africa.


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