CX NXT - Customer Experience Summit, South Africa

CX NXT - Customer Experience Summit, South Africa

6th Global Edition | 17th April, 2024 | Cape Town


South African consumers’ expectations of what constitutes quality customer experience (CX) are disturbingly low, according to a recent report.

There is an opportunity for businesses that prioritise CX to beat the competition, and change the world order of leading brands.

Where is the gap? While business leaders globally are talking about CX as the key differentiator in business, few are able to overcome the challenges with implementation. Technologies that contribute to the customer engagement stack can solve this challenge, CX is now a measurable function connecting satisfaction to its impact on the bottomline.

Our special highlight on customer experience explores how technology, strategy and culture can provide the experience that new-age customers demand.

CX NXT – the customer experience summit, South Africa, will tackle challenges and opportunities from a people, process and technology perspective. Customer experience leaders will get the insights and experience to prepare their roadmap for CX success in 2024 and beyond. 


  • Learning practical ways to implement, manage and improve your CX strategies
  • Showcasing the latest technologies
  • Networking with leaders in the CX ecosystem
  • Discussing upcoming trends and future projections
  • Creating a CX growth roadmap

CX NXT – Customer Experience Summit


Palesa Nhlapo Head of Customer Value Proposition - Entry Wallet
FNB South Africa
Priscilla Menoe-Mtsi Program Manager Customer Experience - EMEA
Tsepiso Mlambisa Group People Experience Lead
The Shoprite Group of Companies
Clint Payne Master of Upside Down CX | Culture Transformation Expert | CX Metrics Revolutionary
Gary Cook Executive Director
Empowered Analytics
Gedeon Rossouw Head: Client Experience and Complaints
Absa Corporate and Investment Bank
Kholiwe Ntsonta Head of Customer Strategy: Africa Regions
Old Mutual Limited
Marnitz van Heerden Head of Customer Experience
Discovery Health
Odette Van Wyk Group Head of Advertising (Retail Media Network)


08:10 AM
Keynote Address: What Does Customer Delight Look Like?
  • Exceeding customer expectations and creating a memorable experience beyond satisfying needs
  • Understanding and anticipating customer needs, being responsive, and consistently delivering exceptional service
08:30 AM
PANEL: Can CX be the True Differentiator?

How does CX drive customer decisions? This panel of experts will look at the drivers for customer satisfaction and draw out a priority list. How to build a competitive advantage in a market that is price-sensitive, socially conscious and impatiently looking for the next big thing.

Nothing like a healthy debate that measures the CX factor against other purchase drivers like price, positioning and convenience.

Priscilla Menoe-Mtsi Program Manager Customer Experience - EMEA
09:00 AM
10 Things to Add Personalisation to Your CX Today!

Many brand leaders talk about personalisation but few are able to implement it. Why is personalisation such a challenge? This session will show rather than tell the audience about what it takes to bake personalisation into the experience.

  • How to give customers a tailored experience and what it looks like backend
  • Toeing the line in a privacy-first landscape, and the cookieless future
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence to do the hard work, and add operational scale
09:20 AM
Predictive Analytics – Making Moves to Be Where Your Customer is Next

Tracking changing customer preferences through data analysis is a valuable strategy for businesses to stay agile and responsive to evolving market trends. But are we asking the right questions?

  • Understanding what CX leaders need to look for in the data
  • Speaking the same language as the data science team
  • Finding insights and acting on them
09:40 AM
The CX Score – Measurable Metrics to Showcase Business Value

Does CX investment count towards the bottomline? Business stakeholders are impatient to know how, and CX leaders are under pressure to build their case. 

This session will talk about measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) on Customer Experience (CX) investments as a critical metric. Does CSAT need an upgrade?  Let’s open for debate.

10:00 AM
Coffee Break
10:30 AM
Building a Virtuous Feedback Loop

Taking customer feedback into consideration is not only necessary for collecting Voice of Customer Data, but you can use this data to actually develop products, optimise processes, and inject empathy into strategies that enhance the overall functionality of your business.

Gedeon Rossouw Head: Client Experience and Complaints
Absa Corporate and Investment Bank
10:50 AM
PANEL: What’s In It for Loyal Customers?

The definition of customer loyalty is evolving. Are brands keeping up? Are you using data to design your reward mechanics? Rewarding loyal customers is a great strategy to foster long-term relationships, increase customer retention, elevate them to advocates for the brand, and encourage repeat business. The speaker will share effective models to reward loyal customers, and how to choose the right one for your brand.

Marnitz van Heerden Head of Customer Experience
Discovery Health
11:10 AM
Listening to the Data: Turn Up the Volume on VoC Initiatives

Eradicating poor customer data quality is an ongoing process that requires commitment, collaboration, and the use of technology. By implementing these steps, businesses can enhance the reliability and accuracy of their customer data, leading to more effective decision-making and improved customer experiences.

Palesa Nhlapo Head of Customer Value Proposition - Entry Wallet
FNB South Africa
11:30 AM
A Prescription for “Leaky Bucket” Syndrome

Keep a lookout for signs and symptoms. By adopting a more balanced approach to customer acquisition and retention, businesses can reduce the "leaky bucket" effect. This session will be a guide to CX in alignment with the business plan to create a more sustainable and profitable customer base.

11:50 AM
PANEL: Talking to the CX Stack - Aligning People and Processes for Max Success

Technology investment is rarely a one-person decision. What do leaders in data, infrastructure, finance, and customer experience need to agree on when making the right choice? 

  • What is in the CX tech stack, factors to consider when choosing solutions
  • Onboarding teams, setting up metrics to judge success and measuring CX or business outcomes. 
  • The pilot phase, what to look for and how to optimise 
  • How to use tech to help you grow, and grow with your business
12:10 PM
The Emotional Appeal of a Privacy-first Approach

Under PoPIA it is the Responsible Party that bears the compliance burden and accordingly the consequences of non-compliance, which may include the risk of fines. But the reward is valued much higher than the risk in this case. South Africa is at a tipping point, in many ways, first-movers who not only prioritise customer data safety but pave the way for how consumers feel about brands having access to their data, will win customer share of hearts and wallets. 

  • Third-party operators, and anonymised data compliance      
  • Consent management and the evolving global data laws
  • Baking privacy into products and rhetoric
12:30 PM
Decoding the Black Box - How Conversational AI Can Help You Reach Your CX Goals

How does one train LLMs to mimic brand voice while carrying a conversation to a resolution? It’s all about training your chatbot or virtual assistant to stick to the script or deviate within reasonable boundaries.

Conversational AI creates the opportunity to upsell, cross-sell and inject data, and read real-time sentiment scores into machine-human interactions.

This fireside chat will talk through the business opportunities and guardrails that CX leaders need to be aware of.

12:50 PM
01:50 PM
Gen AI in CX – Preparing Your Team for the AI Takeover

Enough talk, let’s act on integrating Generative AI into the CX function. The speaker will talk about infrastructural and team alignment to make the most of LLMs and its impact on CX goals. 

  • Using AI to make everyone a data maestro  
  • Connecting the data dots to action personalisation in real-time
  • Adding scale via automation for better response time
02:10 PM
The High-performance Training Handbook Your Customer Service Team Needs

Dealing with large volumes of calls, high operational costs, and higher attrition? The answer may lay in how your agents feel about the organisation. The speaker will share a guide to elevating customer service training and instilling a customer-centric mindset throughout your organisation. Can technology help automate mundane tasks, accelerate triage and get the most from your agents? Empower employees  to handle diverse customer interactions, resolve issues, and reduce call resolution significantly.

02:30 PM
Counter-flow – Customer Service as a Revenue Centre

Transformation is a two-way stream. Upstream integration involves harmonising customer data from diverse sources, such as marketing, sales, and product teams. On the other hand, downstream integration ensures that customer interactions and feedback are effectively communicated across departments, enabling a unified approach to address customer needs. This session will talk about;

  • The wealth of data generated by customer service teamsCross-functional collaboration to identify areas for improvement, and drive innovation
  • Addressing the challenge of business unit (BU) walls
02:50 PM
03:10 PM
Reimagining contact centres as value centres

The rise of contact centres in SA has been notable.  Businesses are increasingly recognising the potential for contact centres to create value and drive positive customer experiences. We need to recognise that contact centres are strategic contributors to overall business value.

03:30 PM
Panel: 5 Biggest CX Fails, and How Can we Fix It

Common challenges have unique solutions. Rusty service workflows leaving customers with long wait times, ill-prepared customer-facing teams unable to pivot from the script, data that just doesn’t make sense… What is the collective learning we can take away from the trials and errors of our colleagues? This panel will discuss one fail and how to avoid making the same mistakes. 

03:50 PM
Cocktail Networking Session


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