Behavioural Data Acts Like A Seasoned Chef Who Knows Your Likes

Picking bits from his marketing role at Domino’s Pizza, Mayank Singh presents the perfect culinary analogies to explain the know-how of the different facets of customer experience.

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  • Imagine a chatbot that works like a sommelier who knows the perfect food pairing to create tastes that linger …

    “And to add a touch of humour, chatbots inject playful banter and clever suggestions, creating a delightful ordering experience,” said Mayank Singh, Chief Digital Officer & Vice President – Marketing, Digital & IT at Domino’s Pizza Indonesia.

    Taking a different route to demonstrate his marketing and CX viewpoints, Singh shares how a brand’s marketing strategy for customers parallels how a chef delights customers with their culinary expertise. 

    From the workings of a seasoned chef and behavioural data to cart abandonment and marketing advice, he illustrates various facets of captivating the customer in the digital-first age.

    Excerpts from the interview;

    What does the ideal loyalty programme look like in the F&B industry?

    It has to be a well-crafted recipe that combines various ingredients to create a mouthwatering dish. At its core, a successful loyalty programme serves as a data-driven strategy that goes beyond mere discounts and rewards. It acts as a digital handshake inviting customers to share their preferences, behaviours and purchase patterns, providing businesses with valuable insights. This data is the secret ingredient allowing brands to enhance the customer experience through personalised marketing efforts, tailored communications and customised offerings. These elements create a memorable and delightful customer journey like a perfectly seasoned dish. 

    An ideal loyalty programme has to be integrated seamlessly across various touchpoints. It should be a harmonious symphony bridging the gap between physical stores, online platforms, mobile apps and social media channels. Just as a master chef skillfully combines ingredients to create a cohesive dish, businesses must create a consistent and cohesive customer experience.

    How do you see the role of chatbots as a modern pathway for customers to place orders?

    Chatbots are like friendly and efficient digital servers, transforming how customers place orders. They can be utilised to offer personalised experiences, intelligent upselling, and maintain quality standardisation in all customer interactions, just like a skilled sommelier suggesting the perfect wine pairing. They will have a glorious future when they start anticipating customer needs with predictive capabilities, almost like a psychic fortune-teller predicting a favourite dish. And to add a touch of humour, chatbots inject playful banter and clever suggestions, creating a delightful ordering experience. 

    We at Domino’s Pizza Indonesia took a step ahead by introducing a WhatsApp ordering and engagement bot, becoming the first QSR brand in Indonesia to do so. Leveraging WhatsApp’s high penetration and excellent response rate in the Indonesian market, we are trying to capitalise on the platform’s popularity to enhance customer engagement and streamline the ordering process.

    What advice would you give marketers to delight customers at all touchpoints of their journeys?

    I advise marketers to prioritise a customer-centric approach and focus on delivering exceptional experiences at every touchpoint. Get to know your customers deeply through data insights and feedback. My 3D framework of data collection, data segmentation and data utilisation is a valuable tool for achieving this goal. Create a seamless omnichannel experience with consistent messaging, branding and personalised interactions based on customer data. Anticipate customer needs and exceed expectations. Actively listen to feedback and respond promptly. Continually improve and innovate based on customer insights. 

    By following these principles, marketers can create a delightful customer journey that builds loyalty and advocacy. It’s important to note that no matter how much we strive to improve the customer journey, it will always be “less.” We should focus on doing more with “LESS” – Live Efficient Simple Solutions.

    What advice would you give marketers to tackle cart abandonment?

    I would advise marketers to simplify the checkout process, display trust signals, optimise for mobile devices, utilise cart abandonment communications via emails and push notifications, provide incentives and discounts, implement retargeting and remarketing campaigns, address common concerns and objections, use exit-intent targeting and continuously test and learn to optimise the checkout process. The most important is the minimum number of steps to complete a transaction; our Domino’s Pizza Indonesia app offers three-screen checkout.

    How can behavioural data help implement seamless personalisation?

    Behavioural data provides insights into customer preferences and actions. It’s like having a seasoned restaurant server who knows your likes and anticipates your needs. Marketers can use this data to personalise experiences, customise the content, optimise the customer journey, and target specific segments. Behavioural data enables dynamic content customisation as a chef customises a dish to suit dietary requirements. It’s like a map of the customer’s dining experience, helping marketers identify touchpoints and optimise each stage. By leveraging real-time data, marketers can deliver personalised experiences on the spot. Marketers can continuously refine their strategies like chefs refining recipes to ensure each customer interaction is seamless and personalised.

    What should F&B companies look for in a tech partner?

    F&B companies should seek a collaborative relationship that complements their needs, like an ideal spouse. The partner should have domain knowledge, offer cost-effective solutions and be a good listener. They should provide reliable support, scalability and flexibility. Innovation and future readiness are also essential factors to consider. It should be a mutually beneficial partnership like the harmony between a chef and their utensils, ensuring the production of delightful dishes for customer satisfaction.

    Singh will take the stage at the Vibe Martech Fest at the Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia, on 1 August 2023 as part of a panel discussion: Making Omnichannel Count across Touchpoints. Register here.


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