Reimagining Customer Experience in a Time of Change 

MarTech Talks with Fredrik-min

In this exclusive interview with MarTech Vibe, Frederik Bisbjerg, Chief Operations Officer, Noor Takaful talks about reimagining customer experience in a time of change.

1. What’s the best way for organisations to reshape strategy to meet sharp shifts in customer behaviour?

The short answer is companies need to redesign their operating model to be much more flexible than it is today. 

We can anticipate significant fluctuations in customer behaviour and demand over the next years, and if companies are to stay profitable, they must develop a flexible operational model capable of following these fluctuations and still being profitable.

Redesigning the organisation must happen at speed and with great focus on changing the most painful processes as I believe we will see a second wave of business interruptions following the pandemic. 

If not in the shape of a new outbreak, then in the shape of a change in demand as the population of the countries will change with the opening of the airports – people who’ve lost their jobs will begin to travel back home.

2. How can innovation help address rapid changes in customer demand?

Innovation will help companies in transforming their external and internal processes to become more flexible and following the market fluctuations – this can be the digitisation of processes, redesign and automation using robotics.

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3. How can businesses make changes to their operations & service offerings to be ready for this dynamic economic environment?

To me, it is a question of performing a company-wide change of processes but doing so in a phased manner to allow the company to operate while changing the processes. 

Most company transformation fail because they start out too ambitious wanting to change everything at once, and organisations simply cannot cope with that – identify all processes and prioritise them after effort/value to select the right ones to start with

4. What’s the one piece of advice you would like to give to those embarking on a digital transformation journey?

Try not to focus too much on the term ‘digital transformation’ but more on the fact that your existing processes need to be redesigned to allow greater flexibility with respect to change and also to reduce the manual work required – this is where digital comes in and automates the redesigned processes.

5. How can brands re-imagine their customer experience strategy? What are some critical customer-strategy areas?

Customers are focused on digital deliveries and convenience now more than ever.

We’ve all been forced to do all our daily purchases and administrative tasks virtually and this has really made a clear separation between the brands that understand how to deliver a simple and hassle-free online experience and the ones that don’t

6. Why is the Middle East slow to adopt Marketing Technology? Do you see CMOs allocating more budgets towards MarTech tools to cope with rising digital adoption by consumers?

I definitely see a larger share of the total budget (if not all) being allocated to digital communication and tools. 

I think the Middle East is slow to adopt marketing tech as it’s very far away from the culture that has typically relied on personal contact and visits. 

Even today, a large portion of business does not have a proper online presence, and that’s a first necessary step to engage in digital communication with the customers.

I think the customers, in general, are becoming more ready for digital communication – just take a look at the explosion of businesses on Instagram in the region.

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 7. Last comments? 

A large part of the above discussion is detailed in my coming book, Insurance _next, aimed to published mid-September 2020. You can read more about the book here


Frederik Bisbjerg (born 1973 in Denmark) is a highly respected international business developer with expertise in digital transformation and business model innovation. His proven and numerous successes with worldwide business transformations comes from his belief in enabling and empowering people to execute on the change strategies

He is Chief Operations Officer at Noor Takaful Insurance, the second largest takaful insurer in the UAE, and Head of MENA & Digital Transformation Specialist with The Digital Insurer (Singapore), the World’s largest digital insurance knowledge base with more than 30,000 members