Yango Play Introduces My Vibe

By leveraging an advanced recommendation algorithm, Yango Play’s new feature represents the next evolutionary step in personalised music streaming.

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  • Yango Play, an AI-powered entertainment super app that combines video streaming, music, and mini-games, has introduced My Vibe, a unique feature within its Music section that adapts to the user’s music preferences during the listening process.

    Roman Shimansky, MENA Region Business Director at Yango Play, said, “We often enjoy listening to familiar music, but it can sometimes become monotonous, even if we really like it. It lacks the thrill of discovering something new and exciting. My Vibe excels at sparking a range of emotions, providing that delightful surprise when you encounter a track for the first time and instantly know you’ll love it. With My Vibe, there’s no need to toggle between your favourite tunes and new tracks or waste time choosing playlists. Everything you need is accessible with just one touch.”

    The new feature represents the next evolutionary step in personalised music streaming. Users discover up to 66% of their new ’ favourite artists’ through My Vibe. My Vibe recommendation dynamically adapts to the listener’s immediate preferences and mood shifts. 

    It harnesses an advanced recommendation algorithm that considers over a thousand variables “both about user’s behaviour and the content”  to curate tracks, artists, and genres that perfectly align with the listener’s selected preferences, mood, and historical interactions. This new feature is designed to learn from user behavior, including track skips, dislikes and completion, to continually refine and enhance the listening experience, while discovering new music that users like.

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    If a user skips several instrumental tracks, for example, My Vibe quickly learns to favour vocal tracks. It employs deep neural models to understand the evolution of users’ musical interests. By analysing listening history, track sequences, and other factors, it can grasp the direction of a person’s musical taste development and predict their inclinations. This seamless adaptation ensures every music session is fresh, engaging, and deeply personal. 

    There is a suite of AI algorithms dedicated to analysing the music content. They study tracks from the inside out, analysing their spectrogram, frequency ranges, sound, beat, rhythm, vocal tone, genre, and more. Once all that data is in place, the algorithm looks for tracks with similar parameters, suggesting them to users based on likes, dislikes, and other factors. 

    A group of collaborative filtration algorithms also leverage data on the compositions users with similar preferences select. For example, a listener in a different city discovers a soundtrack from a new TV show, and then finds and adds one of the tracks to Yango Play. My Vibe can pick up on that addition and suggest it to listeners who share a similar music preference. 


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