Oracle Upgrades its Autonomous Database Offerings

The latest updates include support for conversations in Select AI, reducing the burden on developers and improving productivity.

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  • Oracle has updated its Autonomous Database offering in an effort to maintain its lead over competing cloud-based database services from rivals such as AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, and Snowflake. Oracle Autonomous Database is an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service. Oracle Autonomous Database, which is based on Oracle’s proprietary relational database management system (RDBMS), currently Oracle Database 23c, supports both transactional and analytical workloads.

    The latest updates include support for conversations in Select AI, new spatial enhancement in Oracle Machine Learning, a no-code model monitoring interface, and a new interface for Autonomous Database Graph Studio.

    George Lumpkin, vice president of product management at Oracle, said, “Select AI now makes that chat history available to the LLM so that it can interpret the context of follow-up questions. Users can now have a ‘conversation’ with their database to explore and narrow down the answers they need.” 

    The key differentiator for Autonomous Database is that its underlying management system automates patching, upgrades, and tuning, handling all routine database maintenance tasks without any manual intervention. The new capabilities of Select AI, according to research and advisory firm ISG’s executive director David Menninger, will help to ease the burden on developers and improve productivity.


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