Martechvibe To Launch State of Retention Report, SEA Edition

In an editorially-driven initiative, the Martechvibe team is studying how retention is perceived in South East Asia in this age of unpredictability.

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  • Pivoting from acquisition-focused to a retention-focused business strategy seems to be a popular theme in recent inflation-driven times. Taking cue, Martechvibe is determined to understand the state of retention in South East Asia. 

    The editorial team is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its latest report, State of Retention – SEA Edition. Set to be released in August, the report will offer valuable insights and practical advice for businesses looking to improve their retention rate.

    Paid media, content marketing, paid search — acquisition costs across multiple marketing channels are at their peak. Businesses are struggling to fuel their acquisition resources. To manage the inflation consequences, retention takes the wheel.

    It’s time to prioritise the post-purchase phase of the customer journey and deliver additional value to encourage repeat business. The question is, are businesses doing enough to drive their retention strategies successfully?  

    The report will focus on the current situation of brands across industries and address all the important bases, from loyalty and customer service to technological tools that strengthen retention. Here are some of the questions that the report seeks to answer:

    • How do you design a post-purchase experience?

    • Can mindful acquisition establish a strong foundation for customer retention when viewed as parallel strategies rather than sequential ones? 

    • Which capabilities are you developing to provide real-time intelligence?

    • What capabilities are you looking to add to your retention stack?

    Martechvibe’s editorial team is looking for executive leaders to participate in the State of Retention – SEA Edition survey. 

    Take the survey.

    If you consider yourself a retention expert or want to share your business experience, write to us at


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