Halan Unveils Financial Super App Amidst Advertising Campaign this Ramadan

Through the Halan super app, users gain unprecedented access to a wide array of financial tools and services, seamlessly integrated into a single platform.


  • Coinciding with Ramadan’s unfolding, Halan, Egypt’s fintech ecosystem, is launching its financial super app, changing the financial services landscape.

    Recognising the growing demand for a unified platform for all financial needs, Halan’s comprehensive suite of services aims to streamline money management for millions of Egyptians, marking a significant leap toward financial empowerment. Launched amidst the holy month, Halan’s mega advertising campaign has ignited widespread enthusiasm, with users embracing its innovative approach to finance.

    Through the Halan super app, users gain unprecedented access to various financial tools and services seamlessly integrated into a single platform. The newly launched Halan Card allows users to shop anywhere with flexible payment options. They can access attractive investment opportunities such as gold purchases with convenient installments and earn unmatched annual interest on savings. Halan streamlines financial transactions with seamless bill payments, peer-to-peer transfers via Halan Cash, simple financing options, and personalised loan plans. 

    Users can also enjoy hassle-free shopping with doorstep delivery and irresistible deals on its e-grocer and ecommerce platforms and participate in engaging gaming experiences to win daily prizes. In one app, users can get money, make money, transfer money, play and win money, and shop, all in one place, for the first time in Egypt.

    “Halan’s financial super app is a game-changer,” says Mounir Nakhla, Founder and CEO of MNT Halan. It doesn’t only simplify managing money; it revolutionises it while empowering users with innovative financial solutions. Our Ramadan campaign is educational and humorous and is positioning Halan as the go-to solution to every Egyptian’s financial needs.”

    “Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that Halan’s super app delivers an unparalleled user experience. The traction we’re witnessing is a testament to our commitment to innovation and simplicity in financial services,” adds Ahmed Mohsen, Halan’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder.

    The campaign, featuring Chico, Egypt’s beloved comedian, resonates with Halan’s mission to democratise finance and make it accessible to all. Leveraging influencers and user-generated content, the campaign has gained significant traction, amplifying its impact across Egypt.

    In addition to its digital and television presence, Halan’s campaign has brought the excitement of finance directly to users through a strategic partnership with Circle K. Across Egypt, their branches serve as distribution points for the Halan Card, offering users convenient access to Halan’s suite of financial services.

    With such an extensive network across Egypt, the collaboration underscores Halan’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and convenience for users, reinforcing its position as a leader in financial inclusion. To expand its reach further, Halan has also set up distribution points across several malls in key urban centres.


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