GrowthLoop Partners with MetaRouter

This partnership represents MetaRouter’s and GrowthLoop’s shared commitment to delivering unmatched value to marketers and privacy stakeholders.

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  • GrowthLoop, a composable Customer Data Platforms (CDP), announced its partnership with MetaRouter, the trailblazers in server-side data infrastructure. Together, they unlock a powerful dual solution, combining privacy-centric, first-party data collection with a composable, code-free CDP.

    Anthony Rotio, Chief Data Strategy Officer at GrowthLoop, said, “Now marketers can orchestrate the full customer journey from acquisition to lifecycle to retention in one place, to power the entire martech stack and deliver more valuable, consistent communication with customers and prospects. GrowthLoop and MetaRouter’s open, composable architecture is built on an organisation’s own data cloud. This allows enterprises to own their own destiny and avoid vendor lock in, while driving meaningful incremental results. Perhaps most exciting to me is that the Anonymous-to-Known solution is more cost-effective than a traditional CDP and can deliver value significantly faster.”

    Greg Brunk, Head of Product at MetaRouter, said, “When every brand interaction counts, enterprises need purpose-built technology to identify, understand, and target website visitors more deeply and effectively while also protecting users from tracking and exposure when they do not consent, especially in this ever-changing regulatory and privacy-centric landscape. This partnership represents our shared commitment to delivering unmatched value to marketers and privacy stakeholders, by navigating the complexities of customer acquisition and engagement with a best-of-breed, composable solution. With MetaRouter’s prowess in collecting and controlling deeply informative behavioural data plus our ability to capture vendor-addressable identifiers, we significantly amplify GrowthLoop’s ability to activate anonymous user segments into their impressive activation library.”

    Beyond merely broadening addressability for marketing teams, this partnership allows for the seamless integration of anonymous user behaviour into organisations’ existing customer data stack, eliminating additional costs associated with transferring data into legacy CDPs. This marks the first instance where companies can achieve such integration within their own data cloud, which enables teams to maintain a robust security posture.

    This joint solution unlocks the ability to more accurately target these users with personalised marketing campaigns built in GrowthLoop.


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