DriveMetaData Partners with Beepkart

Through this partnership, DriveMetaData and Beepkart are poised to drive transformative change in ecommerce marketing technology. 

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  • DriveMetaData, a marketing technology solutions provider, announced its strategic partnership with Beepkart, an Indian platform for buying and selling used bikes online. 

    Ranjeet Ranjan, CEO & Founder at DriveMetaData, said, “Our partnership with Beepkart exemplifies our commitment to driving innovation and delivering actionable intelligence to fuel growth in India’s competitive online marketplace. By combining our advanced marketing technology with Beepkart’s industry expertise, we aim to set new benchmarks for marketing efficiency and customer engagement.”

    Madan Kamath, Director of Marketing at BeepKart, said, “We are excited to partner with DriveMetaData to enhance our marketing capabilities and provide superior experiences to our customers. This collaboration will enable us to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation, ultimately strengthening Beepkart’s position as a leader in India’s used two wheeler segment. Together, DriveMetaData and Beepkart are poised to drive transformative change in ecommerce marketing technology, setting new standards for efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.”

    This collaboration signifies a significant step towards leveraging advanced technology to optimise marketing strategies and enhance customer experiences within the ecommerce industry.

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    As a marketing technology partner, DriveMetaData will empower Beepkart with a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions aimed at maximising advertising effectiveness, enhancing customer insights, combating ad fraud, ensuring data security, and ultimately improving overall business performance.

    Through this collaboration, Beepkart will benefit from DriveMetaData’s specialised services, including advanced analytics, customer segmentation and activation, AI-driven advertising optimisation, brand safety and fraud detection, data privacy and security solutions, and more. 


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