Deliveroo Unveils Singapore's Brand Loyalty Trends

Deliveroo’s brand loyalty insights highlighted that the lunchtime period emerged as critical for partners, with almost 2 in 5 orders being repeated.

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  • Deliveroo, a local delivery platform, has released key insights into Singapore’s brand loyalty trends, which spotlighted the importance of a strong delivery partner that goes beyond just fulfilling order delivery. 

    The findings revealed that on a quarterly basis, every 1 in 4 orders placed with partners are from customers who have ordered from the same restaurant at least 2-3 times. Additionally, 10% of orders represent customers who have ordered 4-5 times, while 5% consist of customers who have ordered 10 times or more.

    The insights highlighted that the lunchtime period emerged as critical for partners, with almost 2 in 5 orders being repeated. This trend emphasises the importance of restaurants tailoring their offerings to ensure continued relevance and satisfaction, and matching the specific preferences of the lunch crowd.

    Jason Parke, General Manager at Deliveroo Singapore, said, “The insights gleaned from our data analysis provide invaluable guidance for partners looking to thrive in the competitive food delivery landscape. By understanding and adapting to consumer preferences, partners can cultivate strong brand loyalty and unlock new opportunities for growth. Deliveroo is dedicated to supporting partners every step of the way, enabling them to succeed in a continuously evolving market.”

    Moreover, The Daily Cut, yet another Deliveroo partner, recorded 60% repeated orders, with their National Day Bowl particularly well-received, seeing the highest number of repeated orders across the year.

    Jonathan Yang, CEO of Teyst Group, representing The Daily Cut, said, “From promoting our brand’s deals and offerings to seamless delivery experiences, our partnership with Deliveroo has been vital to cultivating a loyal customer base that continues to return for our nutritious offerings.”

    From a geographic perspective, Mediapolis (45%), Raffles Place/Tanjong Pagar (34%), and Katong (29%) emerged as the top three key areas with the highest concentration of brand-loyal customers in Singapore. Brands in the Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar areas that reflected the most repeated orders are The Daily Cut, Guzman Y Gomez and Vios by Blu Kouzina, making up a significant proportion of the total highest number of repeated orders across Singapore.

    This demonstrates the value of concentrating their restaurant marketing and expansion endeavours in these regions, catering effectively to the needs of their loyal customer base, especially targeting the lunchtime crowd. 


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