Aramex Partners with Omniful

This collaboration is set to revolutionise Aramex's offerings with the integration of Omniful's advanced Order Management System (OMS), catering to the diverse needs of Aramex's ecommerce fulfilment clients.

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  • Mostafa Abolnasr, CEO and Co-founder of Omniful and Fadi Azzi, Global Director – Logistics at Aramex.

    Aramex, a global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Omniful, a provider of supply chain execution & planning technologies. 

    Fadi Azzi, Global Director of Logistics at Aramex, said, “Integrating Omniful’s OMS will allow us to integrate through tens of marketplaces and brand websites globally and enabling better dark store services, thereby further differentiating our fulfilment services in ecommerce and retail. Omniful is a regional startup with experience in the Middle East, and we identify them by their speed and agility in handling new projects, which aligns well with Aramex’s plans for growth in warehousing and fulfilment. We are now ready to provide enhanced services to our clients who require flexible plug-and-play omnichannel integration into all ecommerce platforms and marketplaces to handle their dynamic B2C and B2B market demands.”

    Mostafa Abolnasr, CEO and Co-founder of Omniful said, “We are excited to see our disruptive OMS product being utilised at scale with a global logistics leader like Aramex. Our platform’s flexibility and scalability are designed to support diverse business models, making it the perfect fit for Aramex’s broad and varied client base. This partnership is not just about enhancing capabilities; it’s about transforming how global ecommerce fulfilment is managed.”

    This collaboration is set to revolutionise Aramex’s offerings with the integration of Omniful’s advanced Order Management System (OMS), which will cater to the diverse needs of Aramex’s ecommerce fulfilment clients globally across various sizes, industries, and business models.


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