Adobe Extends Enterprise Solutions for Content Creation

Adobe’s new advances include Brand Controls, Bulk Create, Generate and Firefly Custom Models, enabling marketers to reuse and adapt content for upcoming campaigns.

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  • Adobe announced the new Adobe Express for Enterprise, which will empower businesses to accelerate marketing content creation and extend easy, on-brand content production to communications, sales and other business users. 

    Adobe Express for Enterprise is powered by Adobe Firefly Image Model 3, which provides stunning and photorealistic outputs, speed from prompts to generations and is designed to be commercially safe.

    Govind Balakrishnan, Senior Vice President, Adobe Express Product Group and Creative Cloud Services at Adobe, said, “With the exponential growth in demand for personalised experiences, companies must find new ways to supercharge the production of content that connects with customers and elevates their brands. Adobe Express for Enterprise is the only solution that brings together enterprise-grade brand management, intuitive tools, advanced AI designed to be safe for business and seamless workflows with world-class creative apps – empowering individuals across the enterprise to produce more impactful, on-brand content faster than ever before.” 

    The new advances include Brand Controls, Bulk Create, Generate and Firefly Custom Models, enabling marketers to reuse and adapt content for upcoming campaigns and localise campaign assets for different regions. Sales teams can effortlessly create and customize engaging materials for clients and prospects, and internal and external communications teams can design content for stakeholders, quickly and easily.

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    Moreover, the new advances in Adobe Express for Enterprise enable everyone to stay on-brand. With template locking and style controls, brand stewards can share approved content for others to re-use, localise or make last-mile edits. 

    Interoperability between Adobe Express, Photoshop and Illustrator bridges creative and marketing workflows, keeping assets on brand and always up to date. Starting today, leaders can also leverage template controls and Firefly Custom Models to curate access to assets and templates as well as lock important brand elements.

    Adobe’s own marketing and communications teams are also using Adobe Express for Enterprise across a variety of use cases. According to Stacy Martinet, Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Communications at Adobe, the social media team is leveraging Adobe Express templates from the creative studio to make and activate more content quicker, which also enables the team to test and optimise content at a much faster pace. As a result, the team has increased time to market by 12X, improved engagement by 35% and reduced costs by 17% while saving hundreds of hours annually.


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