5 Challenges That The CX NXT Summit Will Address

Martechvibe presents the top five challenges that plague the CX industry, and strategic inputs from industry experts in how to tackle them.

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  • In the relentless pursuit of providing exceptional customer experiences, brands are increasingly striving to avoid leaving negative impressions on their consumers. 

    Who better to offer strategic insights than experts from the industry with practical experience in actioning ideas?

    Martechvibe is proud to present the top speakers from our incredible lineup at the CX NXT Summit in UAE. Bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals, the summit is focussed on offering impactful sessions that address the challenges faced by the industries in delivering meaningful and retention-driven CX.

    Here are five such challenges that five sessions at the CX NXT Summit aims to solve. 

    Challenge #1

    In the fast-paced and increasingly globalised world of customer service, there is a growing disconnect between businesses and their diverse customer base. The absence of empathy and a genuine understanding of different cultural backgrounds often lead to miscommunication and strained relationships. This issue hinders the potential for businesses to create meaningful and lasting connections with their customers, ultimately impacting their overall success in the global market.

    CX NXT Session:

    Empathy Echoes: The Human Tapestry of Global Connection by Dennis Wakabayashi, Global Voice of CX – Team Wakabayashi

    In Wakabayashi’s words, “Make people feel safe, find smart ways to do proof of concepts, and bridge the data.” He will unveil insights from his 2023 exploration into the world of customer service. Dennis brings forward compelling revelations about understanding the transformative power of empathy in connecting vastly different lives and experiences. He will also delve into the fascinating interplay of global service stories, intricately woven to celebrate our collective human connection.

    Challenge #2

    In the field of customer experience (CX), organisations often encounter failures and mishaps that can impede progress and hamper the delivery of exceptional customer experiences. Setbacks highlight a need to understand how to effectively navigate and learn from these failures to drive transformative CX innovations. 

    CX NXT Session:

    Failing Forward: Unravelling the CX Code Through Fumbles and Fiascos by Adrian Swinscoe, Author, Speaker, Investor, Advisor, Aspirant Punk – Punk CX.

    Swinscoe will delve deep into CX failures and mishaps, revealing valuable lessons hidden within these setbacks. He will provide examples of common customer insight mistakes through storytelling, discuss the significance of enabling employees to handle diverse situations effectively, and talk about the benefits of scenario testing and embracing the challenging aspects of exceptional service experiences. 

    Challenge #3

    Contact centre leaders are grappling with ongoing challenges in effectively managing both CX and EX. These persistent difficulties manifest as increased attrition rates, elevated operational costs, sluggish adoption of essential technologies, and significant barriers to facilitating cross-functional access to critical customer data. 

    CX NXT Session:

    Redefining Engagement: Transforming Contact Centres into a Value Centre by Sagarika Nayak, Director – Customer Success & Voice of Customer at GMG

    Nayak will talk about generating immediate, mid-term, and long-term strategic value by identifying and addressing where customer journey friction occurs and its root causes. She will also explore the alignment of management priorities with real customer demands to improve customer satisfaction. The session will help you identify the service factors that drive brand switching and help optimise agent performance and communication channels in the contact centre to reflect brand values.

    Challenge #4

    The strategies to secure and maintain customer loyalty are continually influenced by an array of factors, including technological advancements, shifting consumer demographics, economic challenges, and the emerging importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. The challenge lies in dissecting and understanding the primary drivers of brand loyalty within this complex landscape.

    CX NXT Session:

    Sustainably Ever After: Exploring ESG’s Impact on Customer Devotion by Kim Hardaker, CX Specialist, Former Managing Director, Etihad Guest and Vice President, Loyalty & Partnerships – Etihad Airways

    Hardaker will discuss the challenge with a particular focus on the growing influence of ESG principles and how they impact customer devotion to brands. The session will prompt you to ponder over the following questions:

    • Where has the industry been and are we continuing in the same direction?
    • Should we view loyalty as the actions or the outcome?
    • How do we build ESG into our loyalty strategies?

    Challenge #5

    Another worrying factor is the deficiency of orchestration, which is particularly prominent in digital-first businesses. There are several obstacles posed by the intricate and multifaceted nature of omnichannel strategies within the customer experience industry. The omnichannel business strategy must ultimately address the need for a seamless and positive customer journey.

    CX NXT Session:
    Is Omnichannel Causing More Challenges than Solutions? By Ledi Lapaj, Director of Customer Experience at Bank al-Etihad

    Lapaj will shed light on the need for enhanced orchestration to effortlessly integrate omnichannel strategy while preserving context to prevent customers from repeating themselves during channel transitions. She will also discuss the importance of implementing new and emerging platforms operationally and assessing whether your software possesses the necessary capabilities to seamlessly integrate them. It’s time to have digital entry points for every customer’s journey to ensure smooth orchestration across all channels.

    Catch these and several other impactful sessions at the CX NXT Summit, at Address Dubai Marina, Dubai on 15 and 16 November.


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