Using Personalisation in Marketing to Drive Growth and Revenue 

Using Personalisation in Marketing to Drive Growth and Revenue

Top experts will share insights on why personalisation is the key to marketing success

Marketing technology, data, and analytics is allowing marketers to create personal and more human experience across channels and buying stages.

But a recent McKinsey survey of senior marketing leaders found that only 15 per cent of CMOs believe their company is on the right track with personalisation. 

To be hosted on September, 15th, the webinar titled Demystifying Personalisation – Your Pass to 10x” will offer strategic insights on personalisation technology, use of AI in this dynamic environment and how marketers can engage with each prospect with meaningful messaging.

A growing number of customers expect personalisation from the brands that they engage with and prefer that they are sent customised communication, treating them as individuals.  

Personalisation engines can utilise data from a user, layer it with second or third rounds of additional data such as real-time behaviour, previous purchases, geolocation, third party data, and more. 

“People have the least attention span and patience now more than ever. Hence, building a consistent and personalised experience becomes undeniably important.” 

“Data becomes the fuel for all omni-channel personalisation strategies and while brands collect all the data in the world, it usually lies underutilised in some or the other data silo.”

“It’s high time we bring it to use and deliver experiences the end-user deserves”- Avadhoot Revankar, Chief Growth Hacker and Product Evangelist, Netcore Solutions.

But how do companies manage this mass personalisation without investing a lot?

Hosted by MarTech Vibe Middle East region’s only platform focused on marketing technology, the expert speakers include Hamad Malik, Chief Marketing Officer of STARZPLAY; Avadhoot Revankar, Chief Growth Hacker & Product Evangelist at Netcore Solutions; and Steve Lok, Chief Marketing Technologist & Founder of M Matters. 

Good news: Step one in your personalisation work will already get you 80% of the way there. The trick is to understand what that step one is – audience, channel, and messaging. Then, choose the best martech to bring in the automation and magic.  

The bad news: I’ve seen more failed projects than successful ones – companies too often follow cool sales presentations and internal biases in a bid to get started. So, how do you act wisely instead, and gain a competitive advantage?”- Steve Lok, Chief Marketing Technologist & Founder, M Matters.