Knorex Unveils its AI Engine KAIROS to Power Universal Advertising in Knorex XPO

Knorex today announced the launch of its AI engine called Knorex KAIROS which puts the power of AI into the hands of agencies and marketers in automating and scaling their digital marketing execution across multiple marketing channels and devices 

Knorex, the leading provider of the cross-channel marketing cloud platform, today announced the launch of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, Knorex KAIROS™ which underpins its flagship marketing cloud platform – Knorex XPO, as the automation, optimisation and predictive analytics nexus.

This introduction puts the power of AI into the hands of agencies and marketers to further unlock XPO value to assist in automating and scaling digital marketing execution cross-channel and cross-devices.

Online advertising is now heavily data-driven with the advent of programmatic advertising as the primary means for ads buying. The use of AI is increasingly pivotal in this age of speed and Intelligence when it comes to delivering the right marketing message at the right moment to the right prospect. 

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Such blistering speed of planning, allocating, analysing, deciding, buying, and placing of ads are only possibly carried out consistently and precisely through the clever use of smart algorithms and an assortment of data.

The name KAIROS, which draws its reference from the ancient Greek word to mean the right, critical, and opportune moments, heralds a momentous emergence in the use of AI technology for an enlarging role in digital marketing execution. 

Knorex KAIROS AI engine gives agencies and marketers the edge in:

  • Cross Channel Auto-Optimisation: hands-free advertising budget optimisation across multiple advertising channels, including OTT/CTV, display, native, social, and search based on stipulated objectives and metrics.
  • Smart Bid Recommendation: KAIROS recommends the optimal bidding price that allows for achieving more views, clicks, conversions while driving towards marketing goals.
  • Adaptive KPI Optimisation: advertising budget can now be automatically allocated and optimised based on the desired campaign key performance indicators (KPIs). KAIROS’s intelligent bidding machines work in concert towards optimising metrics such as click-through rates, cost per click and cost per action and so on.
  • Context Understanding: in the post-cookie-less world, contextual targeting provides a potent way to sense the contexts or environments of the consumers to enable timely and meaningful engagement.
  • Predictive Analytics: by consuming a huge amount of data, including historical data and behavioural data, KAIROS’s predictive capability can now suggest and guide better campaign strategies and targeting.
  • Smart Fixes: KAIROS can now suggest how and where to troubleshoot instead of just error notification, saving time and the unnecessary fumbling to figure out.

“We’ve been using AI and machine learning (ML) technologies in solving common challenges in Natural Language Processing and text classification since our inception.”

“When our engineering team approached us about introducing AI/ML to address challenges in smart bidding, bid price recommendation, cross-channel performance optimisation and contextual targeting problems, we were thrilled.”

“These problems are often time-consuming, require consistency in execution, poor in accuracy and increasingly impossible to be manually carried out.”

“The launch of KAIROS underscores how we are leveraging our proprietary AI technology to enhance our XPO platform capabilities to help our customers to enhance their productivity, efficiency and efficacy,” said Phu Le, Head of R&D, Knorex.

“Online advertising has become the dominant form of advertising for many businesses, large and small. As it continues to evolve, we strive to bring to our customers’ innovative solutions that let them stay ahead of the curve and helping them to reach their online audience effectively to strike up meaningful engagement to create an impactful impression.”

“By introducing our AI technology, we aim to address some of the long-standing problems that our agencies and corporate marketers customers are facing especially when it comes to cross-channel programmatic advertising,” said Dr Justin Choo, Co-Founder and CEO, Knorex.

For further details about Knorex KAIROS and how it can help you automate and scale your digital marketing execution, visit

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About Knorex

Knorex provides programmatic advertising products and technologies to advertising buyers. With its cross-channel marketing cloud platform, Knorex XPO enables ad buyers to fully self-serve and advertise real-time across the globe regardless of the media channels (social, search, OTT/CTV, video, web/mobile, etc.), ad formats (display, native, search, social, video, etc.) and devices (desktop, laptop, smartphones, and tablets) to deliver personalised marketing messages to the target audience in an automated way, powered by machine learning. Underpinned by a multi-layered data-driven approach, XPO simplifies end-to-end digital marketing execution and optimisation of marketing campaigns, while delivering measurable performance. Established in 2010, Knorex operates across the United States and the Asia Pacific region.