Digital Experience Made Simple: Bristlecone and Sitecore Partner to Power Customer Experience-Driven Economy


Bristlecone has announced a partnership with Sitecore, a global provider of digital experience management software. The new partnership brings together Bristlecone’s product engineering and integration expertise and Sitecore’s customer experience platforms to enable enterprise transformation.

“This new partnership is aimed at helping companies bridge the gap between customer-facing platforms and backend systems while answering the call for digital experience solutions that turn everyday buyers into lifelong customers,” said Nirav Patel, President, and CEO, Bristlecone. “We look forward to working with Sitecore to further design and enhance the customer journey.”

The companies will work together to design, develop and deploy future-led, cloud-driven digital transformation solutions for enterprises across a range of industrial and consumer industry sectors, including manufacturing, high-tech, semiconductor, retail, CPG, life sciences, and software and platforms. Joint go-to-market solutions will be industry-focused and aimed at simplifying digital transformation and creating exceptional experiences across the value chain.

“Bristlecone shares our commitment to improving customer experiences through seamless communication, coordination and collaboration,” said Nick Malone, COO, Sitecore. “This partnership is an important step in our strategy to accelerate growth.”

Through the new partnership, Bristlecone is creating a global Centre of Excellence (CoE) for the Sitecore Content Hub™, Sitecore Experience Platform™, and Sitecore Experience Commerce® products, which provide personalisation at scale and enable enterprises to engage customers and drive experiences that resonate with their customers. Through the CoE, Bristlecone will provide end-to-end product engineering services as well as a scalable capacity for implementation services and integration engineering.

“Sitecore is leading the way in martech innovation and customer experience,” said Vikram Kaul, Global Head of Connected Products and Platforms, Bristlecone. “We are excited to address the growing market demand for customer experience transformation through our design-thinking, customer-centricity, and expertise in building operational resiliency and transparency.”

From customer engagement to supply chain management, digital experience-driven solutions and the connected enterprise continue to gain momentum across industries and geographies.

“Delivering meaningful experiences to customers and other stakeholders requires operational agility and transparency that can only come from true enterprise connectivity and technology enablement,” said Kaul. “Sitecore and Bristlecone are uniquely positioned to empower mutual clients with the ability to engage their audiences and deliver on their promises to customers.”