BrightTALK Unveils New Talks Platform for Live Webinars

BrightTALK, an online event and live webinar platform, announced the launch of Talks, a new presenting experience that reimagines the B2B live video experience for speakers, viewers, and marketers.

The Talks platform marks a comprehensive redesign of BrightTALK’s live presenting experience, adding advanced HD video capabilities powered by best-of-breed cloud technologies for maximum reliability. As a leading provider of webinar solutions for more than a decade, BrightTALK pioneered the shift from simple “voice with slides” webinars to a rich and more engaging multimedia model. The launch of Talks continues a strategic evolution and provides a wide range of new storytelling formats for BrightTALK’s more than 1,000 mid-market and large enterprise clients.

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One key innovation is Talks’ multi-speaker webcam panel, which lets users host panel discussions like those seen at in-person industry conferences. Viewers can see presenters’ live video feeds in a clean and professional split screen that provides a refined alternative to rival offerings. This boosts audience engagement by displaying each speaker’s face clearly and showcasing real-time interactions among panel-members across devices and browsers, a previous limitation for one-to-many online events.

Talks provide professionals with an expanded range of content formats such as live stream interviews, casual talk-show chats, recurring live-broadcast content series, and live-video Q&As that brings a human touch to product demos. These new, varied formats help users forge authentic, meaningful connections with prospects and customers. BrightTALK data confirms that clients who use the diverse webinar and video-content formats see up to 60% more total engagement.

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“Talks marks another major milestone as we continue to reinvent and reimagine webinars and live online events,” said Paul Heald, CEO and co-founder of BrightTALK. “We continue to redefine how professionals expand their career skills and networks online. Thanks to BrightTALK, tens of thousands of people are already joining online summits and engaging directly with world-class experts without leaving their desks.”

BrightTALK’s interactive live-broadcasting platform and feature sets are widely used by industry professionals to share thought leadership and drive business growth, with more than 100,000 professional videos and webinars across 50 industry sectors and job functions now hosted on the platform.