Social Listening Empowers Marketing

In this exclusive interview with MarTech Vibe Middle East, Waleed Al-Toukhi, Chief Marketing Officer- Advisor, Macqueen Fintech talks about the importance of Social Media Listening and developing effective marketing strategies for the current and post-Covid 19 era.

How can marketers adapt to the current situation? What are the things they should & should not do?

Listen for changes in customer sentimentality and behaviour, Listen – Now more than ever, it’s essential to know what customers feel and do, and why.

Use social listening to monitor customer discussions about health concerns or information needs relevant to your brand.

Ask sales and account management teams what they hear from the front lines. Monitor customer care emails, phone calls and service chats for changes in concerns or behaviour.

In this hard and uncertain time, no one has a clue how to react, and what to do.
It is an excellent opportunity for marketers to adopt the use of 3 E’s of messaging – Educate, Entertain, and Engage.

How do you see the marketing function evolving post-COVID 19? What will change?

People now align more closely with family, friends and local businesses.

The current crisis seems controlled to increase the doubt customers have of brands.

Brands can impulse against that wave by rising to the occasion to rebuild trust through customer-centric activities.

How can marketers leverage the power of Influencer Marketing in the current scenario?’

This pandemic evolves rapidly through different stages, and so too does consumer response and adaptation.

In a time when consumer lives are being impacted in reflective ways, marketers need to remain hyper-aware of how they think, feel and behave.

Listening is the first and most critical step in creating meaningful experiences that strike the right tone, provide genuine value, and foster meaningful connections.

As clients increasingly rest on digital technology to simplify everyday tasks, they are spending even more time plugged into their social networks.

As a result, digital trends spread to an even wider audience and take on greater social significance.

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What role does data and personalisation play in decision making in your marketing team?

Digital marketers are taking a step forward to understand their customer better.

With the Data uprising, we should be implementing customer data to make better decisions at all levels.

Marketers today can and should understand and measure how their target audience is behaving online.

To identify audience segments that are characterised by unique traits. With personalised data, we can quickly identify the factors which convince the audience to convert to customers.

What was the biggest mistake, and what did you learn from it?

One of the mistakes I made, and many companies in the region is that we didn’t adopt technology fast enough when times were easy and doing good.

What I have learned is, all ways be a step ahead when it comes to technology and human behavioural changes.


Waleed Al-Toukhi has over 19 years of experience in Marketing, Media, PR, Branding, Production & Digital Media as he started his marketing agency in 2000 ( Saudi Asyaaf Marketing).

He founded branding strategies and eCommerce Projects Company leading the development of strategy, corporate digital presence and websites in KSA, Dubai and Jordan.

Waleed Al-Toukhi is a Marketing strategy expert in branding, re-branding and digital Marketing for business”.