Digital Marketing Strategies for Better ROI

    Digital Marketing Strategies for Better ROI (1)

    With huge competition in the market, investing on digital marketing without an adequate ROI may cost dearly.

    Every business is trying to inculcate new digital marketing strategies to get more consumers and better ROI. Since digital strategy is imperative for any organisation today, enterprises do not have any choice except moving ahead with relevant and requisite investments. To ensure success in this endeavour, here are some points that could be considered:

    Setting ROI Goals

    Typically, a good marketing ROI is 5:1; and ROI more than this ratio is considered high in most industries. Therefore, leaders need to set a goal for businesses to achieve and keep working till the results won’t work in the brands’ favour.

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    While setting ROI goals, organisations need to consider various factors, such as industry, market demands, and cost structure. Marketing ROI also depends on the type of campaign, so, businesses should focus on using data intelligently, and tools that rely on analytics to achieve the desired success and exceeding the target ratio.

    Automation Tools for Effective Digital Marketing 

    Automation tools can conduct many regular manual tasks that can help businesses reduce expense and increase ROI.

    Automation tools can relegate a number of activities to automated tools, and that will help reduce the burden of these from the CMOs’ current team. Automation tools can also free up teams to focus on critical tasks and marketing decisions.

    It’s a huge move towards increasing the efficiency of digital marketing strategies.

    Making User-Centric Content

    For any business, a customer’s point of view is a must as they are the ones who boost the revenue. So, while creating content, brands should focus on personalisation and customisation of customer messaging.

    Brands can conduct direct communication and online surveys about consumer preferences, and ideas about the topics they want to read about in the content through search query analytics.

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    Be wary of Vanity Metrics

    Although these metrics are helpful, it boosts the visibility of the content, but the primary focus of any business should be on factors that lead to sales and give better ROI.

    Organisations should ensure that they have a call to action button, which helps them generate revenue.

    One of the examples of gaining better ROI through the use of digital marketing is CISCO, which as an organisation, listens to more than 5000 social mentions a day on various social channels.