YouTrip Amplifies Singapore’s Travel Spirit with New Campaign

Titled ‘You Want It, YouTrip It!’, the campaign film demonstrates how it enables travellers to both save money and enjoy seamless transactions throughout their adventures.

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  • Multi-currency digital wallet YouTrip has launched its latest brand campaign and video that captures the fun of travelling, celebrating Singapore’s travel enthusiasm.

    Kelvin Lam, Chief Operating Officer at YouTrip, said, “We’re excited to launch our ‘You Want It, YouTrip It’ campaign as we celebrate Singaporeans’ passion for travel. We understand our users’ desire to explore the world while maximising travel budgets. Reflecting the spending and travel patterns we observe among our users, YouTrip empowers all to travel smarter, with greater savings and convenience through our seamless transaction process and competitive foreign exchange rates. We hope that as the jingle becomes an earworm in everyone’s mind, globetrotters are also reminded that their dream destinations are just a tap away. So if you want it, YouTrip It!”

    Titled ‘You Want It, YouTrip It!‘, the campaign film features a catchy soundtrack and vibrant visuals that bring the YouTrip brand personality to life. It encapsulates the thrill and delight of travel, demonstrating how it enables users to both save money and enjoy seamless transactions throughout their adventures.

    The campaign extends beyond the digital realm, with YouTrip putting up three engaging online activations at prime locations across the country. YouTrip’s video also highlighted three popular destinations frequented by its users, which are Japan, China, and France.


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