Tech Players Shaping the Future of CX in South Africa

Customer-centricity and improved tech stack were top priorities across various regions in South Africa. Explore these news announcements that are shaping the future of CX in South Africa.


  • Customer-centricity and tech stack took a massive ride in 2023 across various regions in South Africa. Several tech announcements disrupted the region’s economy, and for good reasons. Some tech giants teamed up to introduce scalable CCaaS solutions. Whereas, others organised events, helping C-suite leaders integrate technologies to drive exceptional CX in the region. 

    Top 15 CX Wins that Drew C-suit Leader’s Attention in South Africa 

    TTEC Established CX Delivery Centre in Cape Town 

    In November 2023, TTEC inaugurated its customer experience delivery centre in Cape Town as an initiative to offer exceptional services to its global clients. Currently, TTEC provides AI-enabled technologies to brands across industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing and telecommunications. Its Cape Town’s centre is efficient in accommodating several hundred associates. 

    TCS BaNCS Transformed Standard Bank’s Custody and Settlement Operations 

    As a transformational move to upgrade its existing banking platform with next-gen capabilities, South Africa’s Standard Bank Group partnered with TCS in September. SBG, one of the largest custodians in Africa, signed this 25-year agreement to standardise its custody and securities settlement operations with TCS BaNCS Global Securities Processing Platform.

    Movate Acquired TSD Global

    With a vision of aligning its tech stack with an AI-centric service approach, Movate acquired TSD Global to expand its footprint in South Africa. This acquisition took place in early October, further innovating Movate’s pricing models by integrating TSD Global’s large clients and outbound service capabilities.

    MTN, Accenture and Genesys Joined Forces

    As an initiative to redefine customer care operations for its subscribers, MTN partnered with Accenture and Genesys in late September. This strategic collaboration enabled MTN to incorporate cloud-native solutions and advanced AI capabilities to redefine its customer-centric technology. 

    Amazon Announced the Launch of E-Commerce Service 

    Mid October, Amazon marked its foray into the South African market by launching its locally-dedicated website. Making South Africa the 21st country to host its website, this step was a significant development for the online retailers in the region.  

    Customer-centricity and improved tech stack were top priorities across various regions in South Africa. Explore these news announcements that are shaping the future of CX in South Africa.

    Connect and Five9 Extended Collaboration

    Late August, Connect extended its partnership with Five9, South Africa’s intelligent CX platform, to modify its CCaaS solution capabilities. This strategic collaboration is offering local businesses, comprehensive solutions, helping them to ensure smooth onboarding experiences and support for their end customers. 

    MAZIV’s Investment in Salesforce CRM

    In this ever-changing era where the South African telecommunications sector stands at the cusp of transformation, MAZIV invested in Salesforce CRM in late October. This investment exemplified MAZIV’s commitment to meeting customer expectations by developing AI-powered tools. 

    Woolworths Partnered with First Insight 

    Woolworths, a retailer in South Africa, teamed up with First Insight, a retail tech platform, to enhance customer engagements in mid May. This collaboration helped Woolworths to utilise First Insight’s zero-party,  Voice of Customer data and operationalise product testing capabilities to boost its merchandise decision-making. 

    Vodafone and Microsoft Signed Digital Partnership


    Although officially announced in January 2024, this decade-long partnership was in the process from 2023. It transformed Vodafone’s CX capabilities by powering its managed IoT connective platform with Microsoft’s cutting-edge genAI advancements. The keen focus of the collaboration is to offer innovative digital and financial solutions to SMEs across Africa and Europe. 

    Bright Pattern Partnered with MoData 

    In August, Bright Pattern and MoData joined forces to extend their digital and AI capabilities throughout Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa. This transformative move enabled companies to integrate robust AI technologies that are essential to match the ever-changing customer demands. 

    SANDSIV Partnered with The CX Group

    With a motive to introduce end-to-end customer experience solutions to C-suite leaders in South Africa, SANDSIV partnered with The CX Group in May.  By utilising The CX Group’s localised expertise and tailored services with SANDSIV’s top-notch VoC platform, businesses can improve their decision-making capabilities. 

    TELUS International Expanded its Global Operations to Africa 

    In May, TELUS International expanded its footprints in South Africa as its ongoing strategy to offer diversified and client-tailored delivery models. This expansion has unveiled meaningful digital CX and AI services-related opportunities for its stakeholders across the region. Credit goes to South Africa’s favourable time zone that accommodates company’s North American and European clients. 

    Mukuru & Payfast Launched New Payment Service in South Africa

    Mukuru, an African FinTech firm, teamed up with Payfast to launch exceptional payment services for its South African client base. This solution enables merchants to accept payments through a unique code. Consequently, it has helped several merchants to offer user experiences to their customers. 

    Verint SA Outlined the Future of CX

    Verint South Africa hosted ITWeb Executive Breakfast on The Future of CX on 19 April 2023 in Sandton, Johannesburg. The core vision behind organising this conference was to connect work, data, and experiences across the enterprise. This event helped delegates to 

    unlock various use cases of the Verint Customer Engagement Platform for achieving best-in-class SLAs. 

    Kura Rolled Out Avaya Enterprise Cloud 

    Kura deployed Avaya CCaaS solution, replacing complex ISDN-based telephony and support providers with tailored customer support assistance in August. This latest integration provided its existing partners across South Africa to deliver unrivalled customer experiences by utilising its scalable and robust platform. Some service option integrations that come equipped with include speech analytics, digital and social channels, etc. 


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