Taki Games and Two3 Labs Partner to Launch Puzzle Smoofs

This launch fosters Taki Games' mission to bring billions of mobile gamers into Web3 through its gaming network by partnering with Web3 brands and communities.

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  • Taki Games, a social gaming network that allows users to earn real money rewards, is teaming up with the cross-chain Web3 entertainment studio Two3 Labs to create and launch a highly-addictive mobile game that utilises the popular Smoofs NFT collection.

    Sorin Diaconu, Co-Founder of Two3 Labs, said, “Smoofs is more than just a collection of NFTs – it’s a community-centric brand built to revolutionise the concept of entertainment in Web3. Smoofs is represented by a vibrant community and a universe of characters that have captured the hearts of many. This collaboration with Taki Games and Two3 Labs is an important milestone for us, blending the lines between NFTs and gaming and offering mainstream gamers an innovative way to engage with our brand and community. We are excited to see how this game will bring the Smoofsverse and Web3 culture to a mainstream gaming audience with Taki Games.”

    Weiwei Geng, CEO of Taki Games, said, “Our mission is to bring mainstream gamers into crypto by becoming Web3’s Zynga. In addition to building fun games that use market-leading tokenomic models, we’re also excited to bring Web3 culture to our millions of players by partnering with amazing collections like Smoofs. By integrating Smoofs IP into this game, we are not only providing players with true ownership of in-game assets but also creating a new avenue for brands to engage with their audience in a meaningful and interactive way. This convergence of gaming and NFTs is poised to reshape the future of entertainment and digital ownership.”

    The collaboration between Taki Games and Two3 Labs is yet another example of the exciting possibilities the merger of Web3 and traditional gaming will create. While the Puzzle Smoofs game is currently in development, the team has been progressing rapidly and expects to launch it on the Taki Games network in March 2024.


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