UAE’s Swan Announces Boost In Email Campaign View Rates with CleverTap

Swan saw a 40% boost in view rates of email campaigns after deploying CleverTap's all-in-one platform.

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  • CleverTap, an all-in-one engagement platform, announced that Swan, one of UAE’s most trusted groceries and home services app, achieved a 40% boost in view rates of email campaigns after leveraging CleverTap’s tools.

    Solomon George, Managing Director, Swan, said, “CleverTap’s combination of analytics and orchestration has been integral to Swan’s growth and customer engagement journey. With CleverTap’s user-personalization prowess, we were able to drive 15% of incremental orders from reactivation campaigns alone. This level of growth across multiple cohorts and periods solidifies Swan as a reliable and trusted shopping companion.”

    Sidharth Pisharoti, Chief Revenue Officer, CleverTap, said, “Reactivating dormant users is essential for modern businesses, especially with the exorbitant customer acquisition costs of today. It opens up a new realm of untapped potential for any app-first business. Partnering with an industry frontrunner like Swan, we witnessed this notion play out in full swing. Swan saw a 40% boost in view rates of email campaigns after deploying our all-in-one platform. It’s a testament to our platform’s prowess in driving unmatched customer engagement. We’re excited to bring more such significant wins for Swan in the future.”

    Recognising the value in users who already have the app installed, Swan sought to ensure they keep returning to make transactions. To achieve successful engagement with this base, the key focus areas were: building precise target segments, crafting effective incentives and messages, and pinpointing the optimal timing and channels to maximise engagement. Robust measurement at each stage was critical to determine the effectiveness of messages, channels, and timing, individually. 

    Swan found the ideal solution for enhancing customer engagement through CleverTap’s comprehensive and integrated approach. Leveraging CleverTap’s smart segmentation capability, Swan organised users into groups based on their transaction activity. They conducted extensive A/B testing for creatives and content that were regularly used as part of their messaging strategy. By employing multiple channels based on specific contexts, they found that emails and push notifications were most effective in reactivating dormant users. Personalised experiences were crafted for each user through message customisation. Swan relied extensively on the Analytics feature to assess the impact of their campaigns. 

    Deploying CleverTap helped Swan achieve a 40% boost in view rates of email campaigns thanks to systematic experimentation on content and creative. Besides that, Swan saw a 3% activation rate of targeted dormant users and reactivation campaigns drove a 15% share of incremental orders. 


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