Samsung Partners with Singtel to Launch Latest Campaign

As part of the partnership, Samsung and Singtel have rolled out their "AI Do" promotional campaign across various channels and platforms, including digital streaming and social media.  

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  • Samsung and telecommunications company Singtel have recently released their latest campaign film, titled “AI Do”, aimed at highlighting the power of technology to bring people together.

    Lynn Chong, Director and Head of Brand Marketing, Mobile eXperience at Samsung Electronics Singapore, said, “Galaxy AI creates new possibilities for our consumers. Through the film, we want to show what Galaxy AI can do, especially how it can help people of different backgrounds communicate and connect.”

    Anna Yip, Deputy CEO of Singtel Singapore, said, “We strongly believe in the power of technology to connect people, unlock opportunities and drive innovation. With this film, we’re demonstrating the impactful ways in which technology is helping families overcome cultural barriers and bond as well as the numerous conveniences that a digital lifestyle offers.”

    The film, directed by Golden Horse Award nominee, He Shuming, draws inspiration from Singtel Group’s purpose to empower every generation and the many versatile uses of the Galaxy AI.

    AI Do will be rolled out across various channels and platforms, including digital streaming platforms meWatch, in cinemas, on Samsung and Singtel’s social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, as well as in Samsung and Singtel’s retail stores.

    As an extension of the film, from May 10 to 16, Singtel and Samsung will also be inviting audiences to submit original ideas for a creative new Peranakan pastry featuring the most unlikely combination of flavours via its Instagram channel.


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