Precisely Launches EngageOne RapidCX

RapidCX empowers organisations to provide data-driven, personalised, communications.

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  • Precisely, a provider of data integrity solutions, introduced EngageOne RapidCX, a customer communications management (CCM) product that combines Precisely’s EngageOne portfolio with capabilities from its CEDAR CX acquisition.

    RapidCX empowers organisations to provide data-driven, personalised, communications; replace manual customer experience processes with an automated solution that harnesses data from across all systems; capture data-driven insights to personalise and automate omnichannel communications, including email, SMS messages, chatbot conversations, interactive video, and more; and ensure compliance with end-to-end communications tracking, delivery tracing, and archiving.

    “Businesses can no longer apply a one-size-fits-all approach to customer engagement. Today’s customers expect extraordinary experiences, and trusted data is the cornerstone for delivering them,” said Greg Van den Heuvel, executive vice president and general manager of Engage solutions at Precisely, in a statement.

    “Forward-thinking organisations are turning to cloud hosted integrated customer engagement platforms fueled with accurate, consistent, and contextual data to revolutionise their approach to customer communications.”

    “The launch of RapidCX is a significant industry event and a real game-changer for Precisely, particularly in highly regulated markets,” said Kaspar Roos, founder and CEO of Aspire, in a statement.

    “Precisely has brought together a wide variety of stand-alone capabilities into a comprehensive, fully managed cloud-based platform, providing a simplified way for customers to get access to modern customer-focused technologies without the need for extensive integration. The launch positions Precisely favourably to meet the needs of a new generation of CCM buyers found in marketing, customer experience, and the line of business.”


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