Martechvibe To Launch Report on Customer Service in the Age of AI

As part of an editorially-driven initiative, Martechvibe in partnership with Cequens is studying the current and projected growth of AI implementation in customer service, and how organisations in the Middle East are re-imagining their strategies. 

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  • For the customer service function, the integration of AI tools represents a significant paradigm shift, impacting not only customer experiences but also the employee journey and organisational goals. 

    Martechvibe is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its latest report, Customer Service in the Age of AI. The report, which is set to be released in July, will offer valuable insights and practical advice for businesses looking to enhance their customer service strategies with AI tools.

    The report will address three main factors:

    Customer Service Technology Investment: Shedding light on how strategic investment in customer service technology empowers businesses to thrive in the AI era, offering insights on optimising interactions and maximising customer satisfaction.

    AI Adoption: Exploring the transformative potential of AI adoption in customer service, equipping businesses with actionable strategies to enhance efficiency and drive competitive edge.

    Challenges of Customer Service Agents: Guidance on empowering agents with the necessary tools and training to navigate this transition effectively, ensuring sustained success in the evolving landscape.

    The report focuses on finding the right answers, complete with the current layout of the customer service industry, best practices, strategies and tips to improve agent performance. It will uncover insights on several questions, such as:

    • What are the key challenges that customer support agents face today?
    • How do you measure the effectiveness of your customer service efforts?
    • What are your top considerations when selecting AI tools or solutions for customer service? 

    Martechvibe’s editorial team is looking for experts from the region to participate. Take the survey. The collective learnings will be shared in a report coming out in July.

    If you are open to a conversation with our team about customer service and artificial intelligence, write to us at


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