Loyalty Marketing is Going Through a Shift in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Consumers in the Kingdom want more. Post-pandemic, they are more focussed on quality, cognizant of how they spend their time, and inclined towards brands that align with their values.


  • While they are willing to share information, they need to see the value that it will create towards their future purchases. This is being felt in loyalty and rewards marketing more than ever before. While loyalty marketing has recorded steady growth in Saudi Arabia over the last four years, the concept of loyalty is fast evolving considering the changing consumer behaviour and market dynamics.


    One-size-fits-all promos as a generic loyalty rewards program don’t cut it. Loyalty members spend 3x more than non-members — so it’s critical that brands treat such consumers to the powerful and personalised experiences that they deserve. And see the evolution of happy customers into powerful advocates. But converting casual customers to lifelong loyalists can be tricky without the right tools to achieve your business goals.

    Martechvibe and Epsilon jointly present a report on the State of Loyalty Marketing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which decodes an evolving dynamic. It captures experiences and advice from marketing and loyalty practitioners,  explores loyalty mechanisms and drivers for consumers, operational challenges, and strategies to overcome them. It seeks to highlight the maturity of loyalty marketing in the region, and provide a guide to navigating the marketing and technology requirements for a successful loyalty program.

    Download the report to get a full overview.


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