Korean Air and AWS Extend Partnership

Korean Air extends partnership with AWS will leverage advanced AI technologies to transform the way they interact with their customers. 

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  • Kee Ho Ham, CEO, AWS Korea and Keehong Woo, President of Korean Air

    Korean Air has extended its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop a contact centre that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI).

    Korean Air’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kenneth Chang, said, “Providing personalised experiences and swiftly resolving issues is key to developing and reinforcing customer trust. Our partnership with AWS will leverage advanced AI technologies to transform the way we interact with our customers to enhance the customer experience.”

    The AI Contact Centre (AICC) is a cloud-based customer service platform that uses AI to power voice bots and chatbots to answer customer inquiries. Korean Air’s AICC will complement direct customer interactions and leverage call log analysis to improve service quality.

    Besides that, the airline plans to bolster operational efficiency by integrating AI capabilities, reducing costs with centralised management, adding new features and expanding service channels.

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    Korean Air is set to streamline its call centre operations by consolidating its current infrastructure into a single AWS Cloud platform by September this year. The airline will thereafter refine services further with the integration of machine learning and generative AI by next February.

    Korean Air is actively expanding its digital capabilities. In 2021, the airline became the first major global airline to complete an all-in migration of its IT systems to the cloud and last year the company implemented Workday, a cloud-based financial and HR management software-as-a-service (SaaS).


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