Keenon Robotics Unveils DINERBOT T10

DINERBOT T10 is a multifunctional serving robot to redefine dining experiences with multi-modal interaction and customisation options for businesses. 

Reading Time: 3 mins 


  • KEENON Robotics, a robotic service provider, introduces DINERBOT T10, a cutting-edge, multifunctional serving robot that showcases unprecedented versatility with multi-modal interaction and customisation options through unique head accessories. 

    The launch underscores KEENON’s dedication to transforming the food and hospitality industries of Vietnam, presenting innovative solutions. DINERBOT T10 comes equipped with a range of features designed to redefine the dining experience. 

    Featuring a large-capacity tray and plate detection for seamless meal retrieval, the robot ensures service efficiency. Enhanced motion control performance and an elevated chassis enable stable liquid delivery and effortless navigation through narrow passages, with an impressive minimum clearance of just 59cm.

    DINERBOT T10 boasts a 23.8-inch large screen supporting custom image and video playback for advertisements. Its flexible movable head, combined with facial expressions, a multi-modal design integrating voice, touch, and vision, makes the robot agile and engaging. Furthermore, it comes equipped with head accessories for customisation, allowing businesses to tailor the robot to individual preferences.


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