FNB To Discontinue Tap-to-pay Feature

This strategic move aims to simplify the user experience by giving them the option to register for Google Wallet through the FNB app.

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  • First National Bank (FNB) is set to streamline its banking app by discontinuing the tap-to-pay feature –  a move, it says, that is aimed at simplifying user experience. Jason Viljoen, head of card digitisation at FNB, said that the launch and uptake of global digital wallet solutions like Google Wallet drove the decision.

    Viljoen said, “FNB was focusing on simplifying “in-app customer journeys” for Android devices, including offering the ability to register for Google Wallet through the FNB app. The banking app encourages customers to add their virtual cards to the digital wallet. In the process of adding the card to Google Wallet, you will be prompted to change your default wallet on your device. Confirm the change of the default to Google Wallet and complete the process.” 

    The use of contactless payments is increasing among FNB customers. Last year, the bank said more than 50% of all customer card payments were done using tap-to-pay, while chip and PIN payments continue to decline. Introduced in 2016, the tap-to-pay feature was initially embraced as a cutting-edge solution for mobile contactless payments, catering to the demands of tech-savvy and fashion-forward banking clients.


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