Flipkart Launches IRIS

Flipkart IRIS provides brands with in-depth intelligence on customer behaviour, helping them to improve their performance via actionable insights. 

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  • Flipkart Launches Iris

    Flipkart has introduced a new insights platform called Flipkart IRIS (Insights and Research Intelligence System). This platform is designed to provide brands with in-depth intelligence on customer behaviour. 

    Flipkart IRIS aims to help brands improve performance by delivering actionable insights, promoting growth, and supporting informed decision-making.

    Sandeep Karwa, Vice President at Flipkart Ads, said, “Flipkart IRIS represents a significant advancement in empowering brands to bolster their businesses and succeed on Flipkart. With Flipkart IRIS, we aim to provide brands with actionable insights about their business performance on Flipkart. By empowering brands to make strategic decisions backed by rich data, the platform is poised to unlock unprecedented growth opportunities for brands on the platform. Retail media spends are only 15%–20% of digital AdEx in India, compared to 25%–30% in the US and 55%–60% in China. In the first quarter of 2024, digital AdEx in India increased to over 25–30%. Despite the rapid growth, the headroom to grow is tremendous.”

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    IRIS will offer comprehensive reports that delve into various facets of consumer interactions. These insights will encompass performance metrics across different sales funnels, comparative analyses, and user behaviour insights.


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