Create Friction-Free User Experiences that Combat Choice Fatigue

About 70% of consumers prioritise purchasing from the "right brand," while 30% of Gen Z shoppers hold over 70% of items in their cart for more than a day to conduct research. Mailchimp and Shopee reveal strategies to empower marketers to revolutionise loyalty.

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  • Navigating the complexities of consumer behaviour effectively can be a game-changer for marketers, especially when their purchase decisions depend on various factors. A survey by Mailchimp revealed that 70% of consumers emphasise the importance of buying from the “right brand,” reflecting a desire for more conscious decision-making. These insights can help marketers recalibrate their strategies to drive purchase decisions while gaining a competitive edge. 

    What factors influence customer loyalty and purchase decisions?

    Mailchimp’s report categorised loyalty into four neurobiological principles: reward, memory, emotion, and social interactions. It further broke them down into 10 behavioural elements: social identification, recognition, pleasure, reciprocity, ease, consistency, familiarity, social proofs, feeling and identity. These factors collaboratively help marketers build tactical approaches that target different levels of commitment, including purchase decisions. 

    According to the survey, fandom remained the pinnacle of purchases, with 84% of the buying decisions being made among fandom purchasers, who prefer buying from their favourite brands. While, 72% of Gen Z consumers made purchases on the basis of a recommendation from a family member or friend. 

    Another survey from Shopee revealed that 30% of Gen Z strategise their purchase, holding over 70% of items in their cart for more than a day to conduct in-depth research before committing to a purchase. These purchase decisions depend on a lot of factors, such as free shipping, competitive pricing, attractive promotions, discounts, and vouchers. 

    • More than 75% of Gen Z consumers actively seek out reviews from both users and experts before making a purchase. Engaging with sellers through chat features and comparing products across brands are also standard practices for this generation. 
    • Around 60% of Gen Z shoppers focus on user experience features like product restock reminders, flash deals, and voucher applications before making a purchase. 

    What strategies can help marketers build a meaningful relationship with consumers?

    Explaining the importance of loyalty-building tactics, Michelle Taite, said, “In today’s ever-changing business landscape, characterised by overwhelming amounts of data and endless options, brands and marketers should be equipped with the tools and resources needed for marketing strategies that make an impact and build meaningful connections that drive loyalty with their customers.”

    Some of these tactics involve creating friction-free user experiences that combat choice fatigue, promoting organic peer-to-peer marketing, and offering game-based reward programs. Here is a quick view of the remaining ones that Mailchimp’s survey suggests:

    • Be top-of-mind with strategically placed brand codes and symbols.
    • Encourage renewed commitment, helping customers feel justified in their choice
    • Build repeat purchases into your customer’s routine 
    • Remove obstacles that could disrupt customers’ shopping journey, such as incorporating quick and effortless purchase features
    • Help customers feel heard by asking for, and responding to, feedback
    • Personalise reward programs with customer lifestyles to boost satisfaction
    • Gamify rewards to foster a sense of achievement and fun
      Build emotional resonance by aligning with a cultural niche or value.
    • Foster a sense of co-collaboration by actively engaging customers

    Hyper-personalised experiences with real-time interactions

    Although marketers have been using several strategies to build long-term brand loyalty, a few have remained to be impressively successful for global brands. For instance, Shopee Live empowers users to connect brands and sellers with its user-friendly live chat. This feature fosters real-time interactions and product demonstrations, which strengthens user confidence in every purchase.

    Emphasising the importance of in-depth reviews and live demonstrations, Ming Kit Tan said, “We understand that Gen Z presents a significant growth opportunity. Our user-friendly platform features like Shopee Live empower users with information beyond product listings, such as in-depth reviews or live demonstrations. It fosters a relationship between seller and buyer, allowing a sense of trust to be built between each interaction. Such hyper-personalised experiences function as a value-added service, building long-term brand loyalty within this rising demographic.”


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