Catch+Release Unveils Storyboards Platform Feature

Storyboards is an innovative tool that empowers creative and production teams to organise visual assets in story sequences.

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  • Catch+Release, a content licensing marketplace, announced the launch of its latest platform feature, “Storyboards.” This innovative tool empowers creative and production teams to organise visual assets in story sequences, facilitating the exploration of content licensing early in the campaign production process.

    Lauren Kostka, Senior Product Manager at Catch+Release, said, “With Storyboards, we’re empowering creative teams to review visual options for ads within the context they’re most comfortable: the story itself. On top of sewing visuals together in sequence, our platform allows you to fill in missing pieces by searching for content straight from our Creator Community and assigning them to a scene. 

    “With the ability to add alternates, we’re also making it easier to pick your visual selections while being able to scan the entire story from start to finish at-a-glance. While our main focus will always be to make visual licensing easy and accessible for all, we’re proud to be able to support creative teams as early on as the conception phase of their campaign,” Lauren added. 

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    Storyboards is an out-of-the-box platform feature built for creative teams to develop production scenes from scratch as they consider visual options and even continue to craft a compelling narrative.It provides a visual shorthand that speeds up production workflows by introducing visual licensing options.  

    On the Catch+Release platform, teams can easily build out a storyboard by creating scene blocks. Each scene block can include a visual asset, sound cues, and production notes. The key unlock for creative teams is that scenes can be added to storyboards without requiring these three options to be filled. That means a scene can be added to a storyboard, even if the team has not yet decided what visual they want to use for it.

    Some key features and benefits of Storyboards include scene-based story blocking, sequential shot layout, and integrated production and VO notes.

    Currently, global brands such as Meta, Amazon, Disney, and Nike bring high-performing campaigns to market with content sourced and licensed by Catch+Release.


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