Braze and Martechvibe Unveil Report on Using Data to Elevate Personalisation Strategies

Seventy eight percent of Middle East businesses are struggling to deliver results at scale; read for more insights from Braze and Martechvibe’s ‘Injecting Data into Personalisation Strategies’ report.

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  • Who is responsible for personalisation? Is it the customer experience function, the marketing team or the executives that work on the data? If customer data has the answers, are we asking the right questions? 

    Braze, the customer engagement platform, today announced the launch of its report, ‘Injecting Data into Personalisation Strategies’ in collaboration with Martechvibe. The report reveals that business leaders are yet to leverage the full potential of their personalisation strategies. They fall short at the execution phase. 

    Orlando Beakbane Manager, Customer Success, Enterprise at Braze said: “This research further supports that, in the region, there continues to remain opportunity across the consumer journey to increase the sophistication of personalisation, and thereby create a stronger relationship between consumers and brands that would not otherwise exist. Through the implementation of triggers based on real-time action and insight businesses can continue building brand loyalty in more impactful and flexible ways than ever before.”

    To gather real data-led insights, a survey was conducted with 200 customer service representatives holding various positions, such as Directors, C-suite, Heads of departments, Senior Managers, and Marketing Managers. Respondents come from companies with a customer base of over 1,000,000 customers. They were chosen from several industries, including BFSI, Travel, and Retail across major parts of the Middle East region. The report also incorporates viewpoints from several senior marketers from the same industries and regions via in-depth interviews.

    Key Findings from the Report: 

    • 78% of respondents are struggling to deliver results at scale 
    • 70% blame poor quality data for inaccurate results
    • 60% are unable to leverage data in real-time
    • 58% are concerned about privacy guidelines 
    • 44% struggle to act on behavioural data from multiple sources

    Read the report to understand how brands are looking to leverage data and technology to scale campaigns and fuel customer satisfaction. 


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