Adidas Launches ‘You Got This’ Campaign

The ‘You Got This’ campaign features global athletes like Farah Jefry and Emiliano Martínez, inspiring next-gen athletes to overcome difficulties in sports.

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  • Adidas has launched a new global brand campaign, “You Got This”, around how top athletes handle pressure in high-stakes moments. The campaign hopes to inspire everyday athletes to do the same. Coming to life through a series of star-studded content and activations alongside some of the biggest spectacles in the sporting calendar, adidas’ message dedicated to the next generation of athletes is to believe they can overcome pressure to achieve their possible possibilities in sport.

    Bringing together a selection of its regional female athletes across football, outdoor and tennis, Adidas is releasing a wide range of athlete stories, insights from experts and neuroscience-powered guidance materials – all designed to help athletes at any level to disarm pressure in sport.

    Martínez showcased a world-class mental ability to be three times more effective at harnessing pressure to get into the optimal zone compared to the grassroots goalkeeper.

    Martínez said,  “Penalty shootouts are one the most high-pressure moments of the game, but for me, I see it as an opportunity to channel that energy to my advantage. When standing on the goal line, I try to maintain a clear mindset and stay focussed.”

    Saudi Arabian footballer Farah Jefry, first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest Raha Moharrak, and first female professional tennis player in Saudi Arabia Yara Alhogbani all took part in the new brand film inspiring the next generation athletes to overcome difficulty in sports.

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    The episodic fly-on-the-wall style series features leading neuroscientists, neuro11, to set out how and why negative pressure hinders play, while providing guidance on how athletes at all levels can help to disarm this feeling. To understand the physiological effect pressure has, adidas and neuro11, studied sporting icon Emiliano Martínez. During penalty shootout testing, Martínez showed that he excelled under pressure, as he was 90 per cent more in the optimal zone during high pressure moments in the penalties test.


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