Stage TEN, Shopify Launch Live Video Shopping 


The integration is currently the only way for merchants to set up a live video commerce channel in Shop and reach their massive network of active shoppers.

Stage TEN and Shopify announce the launch of live video shopping in Shopify’s consumer-facing Shop app, giving merchants a new way to reach audiences for real-time, conversational commerce experiences.

Stage TEN was selected as the live video commerce alpha partner for Shopify’s new ‘Shop Minis’ program where best-in-class technologies can extend functionality directly into the Shop app environment. The integration is currently the only way for merchants to set up a live video commerce channel in Shop and reach their massive network of active shoppers.

Stage TEN’s Shop Live channels provide access to an instant audience network of shoppers for live stream sellers and merchants. With live shopping set to take 20% of all ecommerce sales by 2026, Stage TEN’s Shop Live channels open the door to a worldwide $1.2 trillion live commerce market.

When a merchant goes live with Stage TEN’s Live Creator Suite, the Shop app now makes it available to a worldwide community of interested shoppers who can tune-in, chat with merchants in real-time and check out right on screen, directly in the Shop app.

Stage TEN CEO, Dave Lazar explains the significance: “Discovery changes everything. One of the biggest barriers to mass adoption of live commerce outside Asia has been the ability for merchants to gather an audience for their live shopping streams. With Stage TEN’s Shop Live channels, merchants can instantly notify a massive network of qualified buyers in an app they already use.

“With a tap, audiences are immersed in an interactive experience — talking with merchants and buying on screen. Imagine having a real person thank you in real time when you buy online. That’s conversational commerce.”

The integration of the Stage TEN Interactive Player and Real Time Content Delivery Network in Shop represents a first-of-its-kind opportunity for merchants to connect with customers in an ultra low latency environment where commerce becomes a conversation and purchases become a real-time interaction between the seller and buyer.

Atlee Clark, Director of Operations, Shop: “Stage TEN has been a great addition to the Shop Minis developer program and a wonderful alpha partner. Working with the team to bring live video commerce to the Shop app has been really exciting, especially seeing the reaction from our user base. The Stage TEN Shop Mini gives merchants more ways to connect with their customers on a native mobile channel, and we’re looking forward to watching more merchants go live and driving live commerce sales.”

The Stage TEN Shop Mini is completely different from social commerce.  When you stream to social, you’re streaming with a long delay and, in most cases, viewers have to leave the content to make purchases. With Stage TEN’s integration to the Shop app, purchases can be made in real-time, in the player on the merchant’s channel.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected to bring Stage TEN’s live video commerce platform into the Shop app,” explains Lazar. “Providing Shopify’s amazing array of merchants this breakthrough technology will bring the world’s next great live shopping network to life on Shop.”