Spotselfie Launches Digital Land With Monetisation Capabilities


Spotselfie, a new patented augmented reality-powered social network, recently announced the beta launch of Spotland, the ability for a user to own digital land at any real GPS location around the world.

The first 500 users to acquire digital land will receive a 50 per cent revenue share of AR advertising placed on their digital land. This revolutionises and democratises traditional social ad revenue offerings by putting the power in users’ hands, as half of ad revenue from external advertisers will go to individual users who own “plots” of digital land.

With the intention to increase social networking and give back to users, Spotland can be claimed with ‘Social Tokens,’ a digital currency gathered by earning levels in a social-engagement system that can be increased by using features in the Spotselfie app.

A number of options become available to users when Spotland is obtained. This includes the ability to monetise your digital land, control the visibility of social content pinned to your digital land, place a customised web link to a digital store, and review statistics related to those who physically visit your digital land.

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The first plot of digital land is equal to a 30-foot diameter circle through the augmented reality lens. Each additional plot acquired will increase the diameter by 10 feet by exchanging additional Social Tokens. Users have the ability to own more than one digital plot of land and have full customisation options. This includes naming one’s Spotland, selecting the GPS location, moving their digital land to another location, generating ad revenue, trading their land with other users, and communicating with users who are currently on their digital land.

“We are excited about sharing our revenue stream with the Spotselfie community, without whom we wouldn’t exist. Our users are the most valuable asset we have, and we believe it’s time to treat them as a bonafide partner,” said Ray Shingler, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Development for Spotselfie.

Spotland beta will complement the upcoming SAM advertising portal for small businesses and corporations that Spotselfie intends to launch in Q1 of 2022. This innovation by the Spotselfie team continues to place themselves at the forefront of augmented-reality technology, social networking, and giving back to its user base.